Ayurveda For Electromagnetic Radiation Syndrome

In todays digital age it is difficult to imagine a life without our mobiles, laptops, Wi-Fi connections and other electronic and electro magnetic gadgets. But anything in excess has definite impact on our health and wellbeing and recent studies report that this enhanced exposure to electromagnetic fields causes Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitivity Syndrome (ERSS) or the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

What is Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitivity Syndrome (ERSS)

Studies support the fact that increased electromagnetic energy of mobile phones and Wi-Fi interferes with growth and functioning of living cells, also causing ill health, fatigue, headaches, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration and skin problems in certain cases. Studies show that increased use of technological devices like cellular phones, tabs may result in ACD i.e. Allergic Contact Dermatitis causing allergic reactions like rashes, burning sensation, itching, blistering, lesions and scaling of the skin. These devices are normally made up of nickel, cobalt, chromium that may cause skin allergies to some people who are allergic to these metals. Nickel is the most common allergen and research proves that almost 28% people are allergic with children and teenagers being more susceptible to risk as they are more sensitive to nickel. In some cases electromagnetic radiations are also responsible for increasing the sensitivity to allergens like pollen, dust etc., thus increasing the intensity of allergic reaction.


Signs and Symptoms of ERSS

Mobile phone dermatitis begins with skin irritation on the side of the face where the touches most , hands, thighs, neck or breasts – the most common areas exposed to mobile phones. People using their phones continuously for more than an hour throughout the day are more at a risk as the more the contact with the allergen, higher the risk of severe allergic reaction and may even lead to scarring or hyperpigmentation. People with ACD do not always have a history of known allergic to metals and can be confirmed by a patch test by the allergist.

Best is to Avoid

The best way to treat allergies is to reduce contact with the allergens as much as possible. People who have sensitive skin should avoid direct contact with the metal, use plastic covers for your gadgets, reduce the duration of phone usage, increased use of hand free devices and avoid constant handling of the phone.


Ayurveda Insight of Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitivity Syndrome (ERSS)

Ayurveda recognized these radiations even 5000 years ago when human body released toxins during monsoon lightning and called them Indra Vajra Abhinjaya Visha – ie. Poison of Lord Indra’s Thunderbolt. In simple terms the overload of electromagnetic vibrations causes toxins in the body affecting the nadi, deregulating the flow of prana (life) in the body and disturbing the marmas i.e. the vital points on the surface of the body that are switches for pranic flow. The major affected areas are the susuhmna nadi – ie. the coterminous and the spinal cord creating an imbalance throughout the cellular network of the body where the body is unable to function efficiently.

What Ayurveda Suggests?

Ayurveda therapy is holistic science of healing. Ayurveda treats ERSS holistically taking in the mechanical, manipulative and material therapies to treat this problem.


Marma Therapy Relieves ERSS

The most effective way is to rub the marma points with sandalwood and castor oil cleansing the nadis with a clockwise circular motion. The herbs that are normally mixed with oils are Arjuna & Ashoka, Brahmi, Chandan (sandalwood), Gulab (rose), Prasarini, Jatamansi, Lajjalu (Mimosa Piduca), Shankapushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides), Tulsi (Holy basil), Yashti Madhu (Liquorice, Glychorrhiza glabra). Each herb has a specific purpose of treatment that deals with different doshas according to pitta removing pollution form the nervous system and main prana receiving channels to enhance reception and prana flow. It’s a comprehensive therapy that treats all the important marma points starting from Adhipati (crown of skull) and moving down covering Sthapani ( centre of the eyebrows) Krikatika (neck joints), Talahridya (soles of feet & centre of plams), Ansa (shoulder joints), Ani (elbows), Urvi (thighs), Janu (knees). Post marma therapy a gentle massage is given and should rest for half hour.

Vibrational Cleansing Massage for ERSS

Every morning and evening a full body vibrational massage is to be done that cleanses the body. It is performed repeated swiping motions with hands from head to toes, without touching the body, moving diagonally across the body both front and back, repeating the process with hands reversed.


Ayurveda Diet to reduce ERSS

Ayurveda believes in the correct diet to battle ERSS by eating Satvik food like fresh organic greens, summer squashes, fresh fruit juice, yogurt, homemade cottage cheese or paneer made out of organic milk, cow ghee and okra. The food should be cooked with cleansing spices like fennel, turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander in correct ratio to suit each individual’s constitution.

Connecting with Nature

Ayurveda encourages to connect with the nature to cleanse mind body and soul. Using indoor plants nullify the electromagnetic pollution, hug a tree or walk under trees, walking outside in a full moon night, Take walks near waterside, take regular breaks in fresh air and remove the polluting wifi and electromagnetic instruments especially while sleeping.