Sheetal Suvarna

Dr. Sheetal Suvarna is passionate about healing and helping. An Ayurvedic Doctor, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (200E-RYT), Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RPYT), and Reiki Healer by profession, she has worked for Madhavbaug clinics and has vast experience in treating variety of chronic disorders, joint pains, skin disorders as well as in cardiac and diabetes management. Dr. Sheetal practices as a yoga instructor in Yama Yoga studios,Qatar. She loves teaching and is a freelance Ayurveda practitioner. She offers Ayurvedic Consultation, Lessons & Tips, Yoga Assistance, and Prenatal Yoga tips/methods that will make a difference in your path to healthy living.

9 Effective Ayurvedic Home Remedies To Treat Melasma

Melasma usually appears as greyish brown patches on the face and, occasionally, on the arms, chest, or back. It is common in women and...

3 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Gastroparesis Naturally

We normally experience fullness after a heavy meal, but imagine having that constant dull feeling of satiety and bloating even on an empty stomach...

4 Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress Anytime, Anywhere

Pranayama is the regulation of the prana (life force) and breath is the external manifestation of the prana (life force). By regulating the breath, we can gain mastery...

8 Home Remedies To Tackle Irregular Periods Naturally

Has your menstrual cycle altered its usual pattern and appeared unannounced, either before or after the expected date? This need not be a reason...

What Is Ayurvedic Basti?

A procedure aimed at building strength and maintaining the vata, Basti involves cleansing the colon and the rectum. Depending on the reason for undergoing Basti, and based on the kind of medicine administered, Basti can be classified into several types. Proven to cure several chronic ailments, Basti is an ancient practice recommended for the ill as well as healthy individuals.

10 Health Benefits Of The Amazing Guduchi Herb

The guduchi herb possesses an array of medicinal values and has the ability to treat ailments that can otherwise be seen as problems for many people. Ranging from digestion, cardiac problems, hypertension, and relieving various pains to diabetes, it treats issues that would otherwise be a medical hassle. The preparation of the herb into its edible forms is also very elementary and reaps the entire benefits.

How To Keep The Pitta Dosha In A Balanced State

The Pitta Dosha is responsible for all our daily activities that require energy. When this Dosha gets imbalanced, we experience certain health issues, both physical and psychological. Here, it becomes important to follow a calm lifestyle and avoid any triggers that can imbalance your body. You can also use Ayurvedic methods such as palliative and purification treatments to cure Pitta disorders.

5 Classic Methods Of Preparing Ayurvedic Herbs

Known as Panchavidha Kashaya Kalpana in Sanskrit, these methods of preparation differ on the basis of the type of herb, the amount of concentration, and the nature of the patient and illness. They include methods such as swarasa, which is the fresh juice extracted from the herb directly and has the highest level of concentration, and phaant, which is a hot infusion of whichever herb is to be used. Each method has its own benefits and uses. Even though these are time-consuming processes, the benefits gained far outweigh the cost. These time-tested methods are popular enough to be seen as part of household medicine in India.

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