Sheetal Suvarna

Dr. Sheetal Suvarna is passionate about healing and helping. An Ayurvedic Doctor, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (200E-RYT), Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RPYT), and Reiki Healer by profession, she has worked for Madhavbaug clinics and has vast experience in treating variety of chronic disorders, joint pains, skin disorders as well as in cardiac and diabetes management. Dr. Sheetal practices as a yoga instructor in Yama Yoga studios,Qatar. She loves teaching and is a freelance Ayurveda practitioner. She offers Ayurvedic Consultation, Lessons & Tips, Yoga Assistance, and Prenatal Yoga tips/methods that will make a difference in your path to healthy living.

Herbs And Spices To Purify Your Blood: An Ayurvedic Take

Some of ayurvedic herbs and spices purify rakta dhatu or blood. Antimicrobial properties of Manjishta treat skin disease, help in arthritic swelling, increase immunity, and regulate menstrual flow. Neem's antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory actions pacify P-Dosh and K-Dosh and relieve skin allergies, cure diabetic wounds etc... Turmeric stops bleeding in gums, treats bruises, cures jaundice, anemia, and fatty liver. Aloe vera treats sunburn, heals wounds, relieves indigestion, and is good for hair and skin. Khadira is a powerful astringent that controls bleeding.

Ayurvedic Tips To Manage Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be controlled by ayurveda in 3 ways: Lifestyle management, Herbs usage, and Panchakarma. Minimizing sedantary habits and staying active are vital in channelizing the Vata (V-Dosh) and reducing K-Dosh. To let the herbs act favorably, A-fire has to be balanced. Subdued A-fire (Agni-mandya) and channel obstructions (Srotorodh) are addressed by Deepan-Pachan herbs. Udvartana/powder massage, Swedan/steam, Virechana/herb-induced purgation, and Lekhan basti/medicated decoction are panchakarma procedures to manage cholesterol.

What To Expect In A Prenatal Yoga Class

Start prenatal yoga after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Wear a t-shirt and yoga pants to the class. Carry a bottle of water and a yoga mat. Have a light snack before the class if you like. Ask a trained prenatal instructor to teach you poses with modifications if you want to practice on your own. Don’t push yourself deep into any posture. Yoga relaxes your body and helps you sleep. You can practice prenatal yoga at home till your delivery date.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga eases the prenatal journey and prepares your body for the delivery day and beyond. Socialize with the fellow to-be moms, focus on breathing, and do warm up exercise that will gear you up. Standing strengthening poses will tone your body and mind, supported balancing poses will boost your confidence, seating poses will set your body to relax, and winding down and shavasana will relax you.

Sleep: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Sleep is referred as Nidra and forms one of the three pillars sustaining a healthy human body. (3 Pillars – Food, Sleep, and Celibacy)....

5 Easy Ways To Add Ayurveda To Your Daily Routine

Drink a glass of warm water right after you wake up to help flush the toxins and eliminate the waste out of your body. Scrape the tongue gently using a U-shaped metal cleaner and try oil pulling using lukewarm coconut or sesame oil. Indulge in self-massage with warm oil all over the body prior to taking a bath or shower. Eat mindfully and get at least 30 mins of exercise a day.

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