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Carol Whitaker is the author of "Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams". She is a highly sought after Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and is well-known globally for the permanent transformation she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is an in demand Motivational Speaker and an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness, & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit CarolWhitaker.com to learn more about her transformation services, along with practical tools to discover how to unleash your power within to live the life of your dreams.

Protein-Rich Alternative Foods For Bodybuilding

Contrary to what most people think, proteins do not necessarily have to come from red meats and chicken. After all, it is not unusual...

8 Simple Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Your mindset is your ticket to success or failure! To truly live a fulfilling life, be hopeful and optimistic about your present and future situations as well. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and make prayer and meditation a daily ritual. Set realistic and achievable goals. Aim for 30 mins of physical activity everyday. Eat healthy, nutrient dense food, and stay well hydrated.

5 Things No One Has Told You About Weight Loss

The first few weeks without comfort foods are the hardest. You’ll soon see a natural reduction in cravings. Realize that weight loss is not a consistent graph. Neither is it instant, nor is it a universal solution to your problems. Seek counsel if need be. Look at your stretch marks with pride to remind you of your struggle. Don’t pay heed to discouraging remarks by others. Stay focused.

8 Tips To Effectively Blast Fat Off Your Body

Alternate between weightlifting and interval training to burn more calories and tone quicker. Strength train at least thrice a week. Do not hesitate to lift heavy, but lift correctly. Drink purified water before, during, and after workouts to build muscle. Eat small meals, each with 25 to 35 gm lean protein and healthy fats like fish oil, veggies, and fruits.

Tips To Work Out At Home Without Using Weights

Substitute dumbbells with your body weight for free hand, muscle-focused exercises at home. Warm up and stretch before you start. Do triceps dips for arms; squats, lunges, and calf raises for legs and butt; flutter kicks and crunches for abs; and burpees, wall squats, planks, and innovative push-up variations for a full-body workout. Do 3 sets of each exercise 5 days a week.

Strength Training For Women: Pick Up Those Dumbbells

Resistance training builds muscle and increases BMR. Use 12, 15, and 20-lb dumbbells to do upper and lower body workouts on alternate days. Rest 1 or 2 days a week. Warm up before workouts, sleep well, stay hydrated, and adopt a high-protein, low-carb diet. Do fewer reps with heavier weights for growing in size or more reps with lighter weights for building lean muscle.

High-Intensity Interval Training Burns More Fat In Less Time

High-intensity interval training involves short duration cardio and focuses on large muscle groups. It's best done early morning on an empty stomach as your body desperately seeks energy from stored fat reserves, exposing lean muscle. A 22-45 min long HIIT workout includes a warm up, 30-60 sec high-intensity exercises (4-6 reps) split by medium-intensity exercises, and a cool down.

10 Things You Should Do To Feel Happy With Yourself

Let go of your mistakes, be optimistic, and laugh out loud with chums who get you. Eat well, work out, pamper yourself, wear stuff that make you feel pretty, and do what you love, be it reading or talking to a friend. You're the priority. Be proud of your achievements. Dream big. And every time you look in the mirror, say "I love you," because if you love yourself, the world will too.

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