10 Things You Should Do To Feel Happy With Yourself

Cultivating a high self-esteem is the key to improving all aspects of your life. Your life as it is now is an expression of your deep-rooted self-beliefs, inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Your body is constantly articulating whether or not your thoughts are for your highest good by how you feel. Take a moment to notice what your body is telling you right now.

How do you feel? Do you feel pleased and full of life or do you feel exhausted, worn down, or lack hope?


The Body And Mind Are Connected

How you feel physically is directly influenced by your psychology. For instance, if you wake up feeling well and then you go to work and your co-workers tell you that you look ill and ask you if you’re okay, soon your mind would shift to questioning how you feel, which would directly affect your body. Within a short time, your body would begin to feel unwell.

On the flip side, if you woke up feeling tired or unwell and your coworkers keep complimenting you and telling you how beautiful and amazing you look, you would begin to feel better and may have a little skip in your step.


You can literally choose whether you want to be happy with yourself or not. Your esteeming self is formed by your inner dialog and self-image. It takes time to master a positive opinion of yourself, but with practice and perseverance, it can be done in as few as three short weeks.

If you find that you are constantly putting yourself down for whatever reason, here are simple ways to help you improve your self-esteem to enable you to shift to having loving, positive feelings that help you become happier, healthier, and more in tune with your true essence.


10 Ways To Raise Your Self-Esteem

1. Express Self-Love

Each time you look in the mirror, look into your eyes and say, “I love you.” If at first this seems uncomfortable, speak to yourself as though you were your best friend. Expressing your self-love is empowering. It opens your heart to believing in yourself more fully, which will increase your self-esteem greatly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally at first. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to say those three words to yourself with ease and mean every word you speak.

2. Forgive Yourself

Do you know anyone who hasn’t made a mistake or who doesn’t wish they made a better choice? I’ll answer that for you: no. We have faults, which aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Our mistakes help us learn what it is we want to be, do, or have to help us expand our lives to become our magnificent selves.


Realize that forgiveness is a part of healing; it’s necessary to let go of your past to thrive in the future. Do yourself a huge favor and forgive yourself here and now. Ask forgiveness from God as well if need be, and then let it go.

By not forgiving yourself, you will remain stuck in the past, which inhibits you from embracing your miraculous future. Love and forgive yourself fully for allowing your heart to be filled with the peace you long for.


3. Smile And Laugh Often

The power of a smile goes a long, long way. It lifts your spirits, brings a sense of happiness to others around you, and brings out your inner beauty, which glows radiantly from you. Be lighthearted, don’t take life so seriously, and laugh often. Spend time with loved ones who make you laugh out loud. Take pride in knowing that your happiness is infectious and the more you smile the more the world will smile back at you.

4. Have A Personal Motto

Mottos are a powerful way to live from an empowered state and to remind yourself to stay positive. Have a motto in the present tense that expresses your desired end result such as “Today is the best day ever! It only gets better! And the best is yet to come!” Repeat your motto throughout the day, and when you see evidence that your desires are coming to fruition, always give thanks to the good Lord above and relish in that which has manifested.


5. Make Yourself A High Priority

Make yourself a high priority by caring for yourself as you deserve. Treat yourself with the utmost respect and love. Show your body how much you care by nourishing it with wholesome foods and regular exercise. Your body craves these just as much as it craves sleep and water; so make it a point to eat better and be active each day. In addition, do what you love to do. How can you be your best if you’re constantly putting yourself on the back-burner? You can’t. Be sure to do something you enjoy each day, whether taking your dog for a walk, calling a close friend who makes you laugh, or reading a good book. The more you take the time to make yourself a top priority in your life the more others will come to respect you and mirror your positive energy back to you.

6. Wear Flattering Clothes

Dress for success! When you wear clothes that complement your figure and fit correctly, it raises your self-confidence. Wear clothes that uplift your spirits; wear colors that bring out your skin tone and eyes. You can always see how a person feels about themselves by the way they dress. Always take the time needed to dress in a way that makes you feel better about yourself and flatters your beautiful figure.


7. Take Pride In Your Accomplishments

When you acknowledge your accomplishments — no matter how small — you are supporting your dreams and higher beliefs. You don’t need to brag, but you also don’t need to downplay your accomplishments. Be sure to only share your exciting news with those who support and uplift you. Negative people will steal your enthusiasm for life, leaving you emotionally stressed out and will cause self-doubt. Rather than telling the naysayers about your achievements, celebrate by giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

8. Pamper Yourself With TLC

Pamper yourself and take some serious R&R each day. Showing yourself tender, loving care makes you feel refreshed and results in more inner peace, which keeps inner battles between your mind and body at bay. Recognizing your downtime needs is just as essential as everyone else’s needs around you. When you fail to put yourself first (in a non-egotistical way), you fail to respect the larger part of you, which causes distress and unwanted feelings within. Be intentional about pampering yourself daily to become more calm and peaceful within.

9. Be Optimistic

You attract how you feel, so if you want positive, optimistic people around you, then you need to be that way. Like always attracts like in all things, including the people you attract into your life. That’s why like-minded people connect with each other. Let go of energy-sucking friends who drain your life-giving energy. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting family and friends who support you. Be the kind of friend you want to have. Choose to be positive and in turn, those you encircle yourself with will be more positive, too.

10. Dream Big

Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars! Your mind is the key to expansion and enlightenment. If you remain unwilling to dream, it’s like going through life with the hand brake on. Believing in your dreams opens the magic of imagination and creation. Dream as you did as a child and have fun as you tap into the power of your divine ability to create your life intentionally. Always keep in mind that what you think about you bring about. As you go after your dreams, be sure to support others in their endeavor to accomplish their dreams, too.

By incorporating these life-changing tips you will be able to cultivate a higher self-esteem to improve your world in remarkable ways. Embrace your magical journey of self-discovery and improvement as you come to realize just how magnificent you are!