Carol Whitaker

Carol Whitaker is the author of "Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams". She is a highly sought after Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and is well-known globally for the permanent transformation she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is an in demand Motivational Speaker and an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness, & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit CarolWhitaker.com to learn more about her transformation services, along with practical tools to discover how to unleash your power within to live the life of your dreams.

3 De-Stressing Techniques To Be More Productive at Work

Those who practice yoga regularly report that they feel less stressed and have a better quality of sleep. Meditation increases concentration and creativity, which increases mental acuity and efficiency at work. Exercise not only improves your overall health and wellness, but it helps deplete stress hormones and releases feel-good chemicals into the brain.

3 Impactful Ways To Manifest Positive Expectations

Write about what you want to become, do or have on a sheet of paper. Next, write if you really believe you can manifest what you want or have. To clear a limiting belief or self-doubt, write that you will release all fears and doubts associated with this desire. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and re-affirm yourself. Always end with love and thankfulness.

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