6 Reasons Why Your Pee Appears Cloudy

why my urine is cloudy

Voiding urine is probably something we take for granted often without any regard for the huge role it plays in our overall wellbeing. Urine is an indication of well-functioning kidneys. It should have the ideal color, odor, and fluidity. Any change in color especially indicates a disease or infection that requires our attention.

Cloudy urine is one such abnormal sign of renal or other systemic diseases. In healthy individuals, having too much dairy can cause a slight cloudiness of urine, which is known as phosphaturia. This is temporary and doesn’t need treatment. However, there are 6 other reasons why your pee is appearing cloudy.


1. You Are Suffering From A Urinary Tract Infection

cloudy urine in urinary tract infections and STDs

If you have been experiencing a burning sensation during urination and your urine appears cloudy then you should meet the physician as soon as possible. Other symptoms include a pungent vaginal odor almost ammoniacal in nature and pain during sexual intercourse. It can also be a symptom of STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.1


2. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

dehydration and cloudy urine

The color of the urine should normally be straw-colored. Anything darker indicates dehydration especially if it’s an amber tone. Not meeting your body’s hydration needs will lead to an improper breakdown of crystalline proteins and toxins in the body. These get removed from the blood via urine and render it a foamy experience.


3. You Have Kidney Stones

cloudy urine is a sign of kidney stones

Kidney stones are a fairly common condition that can affect almost anyone. If you are experiencing severe flank pain with cloudy urine, then most likely it could be due to stone in the kidney or ureters. Often the stones are too big to pass through urine which causes obstruction and pain during urination. In renal diseases that destroy the filtrations system in the kidneys, proteins start showing up in urine thereby giving it a cloudy appearance.2


4. Your Prostate Health Is Failing

cloudy urine in prostate diseases

In men, cloudy urine can indicate that the prostate gland is infected, enlarged or has a cancerous growth in it. The change in urine is one of the ways your body tries  to get your attention to a serious underlying condition


5. You Are Pregnant

cloudy urine with pregnancy

Many women complain that their urine appears cloudy or milky in early pregnancy. It can happen due to the surge of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, or due to excess vaginal discharge mixing with urine. However, it’s best to consult the doctor and get a urinalysis done to rule out any infections. Scientific studies claim that women with UTIs during pregnancy are at a higher risk of having a preterm delivery with low infant weight.3


6. You Have Diabetes Or Hypertension

diabetes and cloudy urine

Urine that appears murky and smells sweet is a red flag as it could mean you have diabetes. Even in individuals with high blood pressure, urine color can change due to the leaking of proteins from the kidney to urine. This condition is known as proteinuria and is often seen in kidney failure induced by diabetes or hypertension.


Anytime you spot a difference in color or consistency of urine, seek immediate medical attention as any delay could complicate the pre-existing condition.