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Causes of painful ejaculation

6 Possible Causes Of Painful Ejaculation

Painful ejaculation or disorgasmia happens when the testicles contract to push the semen out through the urethra and out through the penis. The pain...

Watercress For Treating Colon, Prostate, And Breast Cancers

Many studies have shown that watercress contains properties that can help you prevent some types of cancers. The phytochemicals present in watercress can help prevent damage to your DNA and inhibit the spreading of cancerous cells that cause prostate, colon and breast cancers. Including this superfood into your diet can improve your overall health. Find out how this vegetable protects you and learn how to make delicious dishes using watercress.

Why Do You Pee So Much? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

Drinking too much and having a small bladder are two of the most obvious reasons why you need to pee frequently. Besides that, other causes of frequent urination are nervousness and taking diuretic medication. If you're diabetic, your body will get rid of extra glucose by pushing you to pee more, while an enlarged prostate can add extra pressure on your bladder, thus, making you want to relieve yourself often.

All There Is To Know About An Enlarged Prostate

Inflammation of the prostate gland causes and enlarged prostate. Three disorders are associated with prostate inflammation. Benign prostatic hypertrophy causes difficulty in urination. It is treated with medications, surgery, and self care. Prostatitis could be caused by bacteria, nerve damage, urinary tract infection, or stress. It is treated with medications. Prostate cancer might also be associated with an enlarged prostate. Lastly, treatment and medication of all three disorders might affect one's sexual health.
why my urine is cloudy

6 Reasons Why Your Pee Appears Cloudy

Cloudy urine is pretty normal if you have consumed a lot of dairy products. However, in individuals suffering from diseases like kidney stones, enlarged prostate or progressive renal diseases, cloudy urine is a characteristic symptom. Even in early pregnancy, many women notice a murky appearance of urine. People with uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension also complain of having cloudy urine.
Breasts and the prostate are similar in their composition and function

Her Breasts and His Prostate…So Different Yet So Similar

Breasts and prostates are organs that are sources of fascination, curiosity, and fear. Breasts – situated in the chest, superficial to the pectorals –...
happens due to an infection

What Is Prostatitis And How It Can Affect You

To put it simply, prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. It usually happens due to an infection but there could be other causes...

4 Reasons Why Sex Is Important For A Longer Life

While indulging in it every now and then can make you feel great, regular sex is also important for better health. Sex improves your immunity and heart health, eases your stress, and helps you get sound sleep. Not just that, it may also reduce your chances of acquiring prostate/breast cancer.
things your doctor doesn't know

6 Important Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

Important things like prostate health, sex life problems, and hormonal imbalances, are a few things that your doctor may not know. They may not diagnose the symptoms correctly, that leads to improper treatment, and thus affecting your health. A doctor may not be able to diagnose fibromyalgia as it shows many common symptoms and cannot be diagnosed by lab tests. The right amount of protein that is safe for you, can only be decided by a nutritionist. Always visit a specialist for effective treatment of your problems.
Causes Of Urinary Tract Infection In Women and Men

Common Causes Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) In Women And Men

Urinary tract infections are caused when microbes, especially bacteria, infect different parts of the urinary system by entering it through the urethra. Women are more prone to UTIs than men across all ages. This is because their urethra is short and close to their anus and vagina. Men usually develop UTIs when their prostate gets enlarged as it prevents the bladder from emptying fully. Pregnancy, old age, diabetes, and being sexually active increases your risk of UTIs.

What Does Blood In Your Urine Indicate?

If your urine is red or dark brown in color, you might be suffering from a condition called hematuria. In hematuria, your kidneys or...

Causes Of Prostate Enlargement And Tips To Maintain Prostate Health

Prostate growth is influenced by aging, genetics and testosterone. Severity depends upon where in the prostate the enlargement is and how tightly it squeezes the urethra. Stay physically active for better blood circulation, avoiding obesity, and improving prostate muscle tone. Consume veggies high in lutein (kale, spinach, broccoli, peas) and beta-carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach).

Facts About Prostate Cancer You Might Not Know

Prostate cancer is quite common (affects 16% men) but mostly benign (only 3% die of it). Lower urinary tract disorders can indicate prostate problems. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles, eat vegetables rich in lutein (broccoli), beta-carotene (spinach), and lycopene (tomatoes), and cut down on animal fat and processed foods to improve prostate health and reduce cancer risk.
Superfoods That Are Great For Prostate

Superfoods for Great Results: Prostate Cancer Diet

Superfoods to combat prostate cancer are: Green tea - combats prostate cancer due to its polyphenol content, Turmeric - combats damaging free radicals and boosts immune system, Broccoli and Tomato, Brazil nuts - highest source of selenium that scavenges free radicals, Pomegranates - contains phytonutrient called ellagitannin that promotes prostate health.
Your Prostate – What Your Physician Probably Didn’t Know.

Your Prostate – What Your Physician Probably Didn’t Know.

To keep your prostate healthy: Sesame seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds - rich in Zinc, Sunflower seeds - prevents prostate cancer, Brazil nuts - selenium, Salmon, Avocados, Ground Flax seeds, Hemp seed and Chia seeds - fatty acids, Bell peppers, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower, Kale - high in Vitamin C and strengthens immune system.