What Makes Goji Berries A Top 10 Super Food.

What Makes Goji Berries A Top 10 Super Food.
What Makes Goji Berries A Top 10 Super Food.

Goji berries are the fruits of Lycium barbarum. These small red berries are considered as nature’s most nutritionally dense fruit. They have mild tangy taste that is slightly sweet and sour.

Though this super fruit is native to Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia, it now is cultivated around the world due its immense popularity and high nutrient value. Chinese medical practitioners have been using them for thousands of years.



Goji Berries are a Rich Nutrient-Store:

Nowadays Goji berries are marketed as one of the top super foods in the world. It contains all essential amino acids and has the highest concentration of protein amongst other fruits hence an ideal choice to meet the daily protein requirement. It has the highest Vitamin C than any other fruits in the world. Fresh Goji berries have 400 times Vitamin C than oranges and dried Goji berries have about 7 times more vitamin C. It has 21 trace minerals and is high in fiber. Also they have 15 times more iron than spinach as well as calcium, zinc and more.


6 Super Secrets of Goji Berries that make it a Super Food:

Let’s explore the benefits and why you should add this super food to your diet.

  1. Anti aging: Goji berries are known as the world’s most powerful anti aging fruit thanks to its variety of anti oxidants which delays the aging of cells. In Tibet Goji berries are known as the key to eternal youth. Loaded with nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin C, cystene and many more it boosts your immunity and revitalize youthful appearance and function.
  2. Weight loss and maintenance: Goji berries do contain many properties which will aid you with weight loss as Goji berries are low in calories and completely fat free. It is also low in glycemic level index than lot of other fruits. It is high in fibre which means filling fuller for longer and keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Due its high protein concentration these berries promote muscle growth. Therefore adding a small amount of Goji berries in to your daily diet may enhance your weight loss goal or maintain weight.
  3. Anti inflammation and for glowy Skin: This amazing little super fruit also contains anti inflammatory properties which reduces skin inflammation, acne, scars, rashes and protect against skin damage. Goji berries are also rich in vitamin E which gives you soft glowing skin and fatty acids which can stimulate collagen production resulting in younger looking skin. So it is never too young or too old to eat Goji berries.
  4. Improves Vision: Zeaxanthin and lutein are two components which keep our eyes healthy and Goji berries contains both of them. consuming a small amount  of goji berries will not only keep your vision sharper but protects the retina against age related eye conditions such as muscular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. Therefore this is very important for our modern daily habit of staring and working long hours in front of computers that can cause soreness, tiredness in the eyes. So daily consumption of Goji berries can help reduce these symptoms.
  5. Protects Vital Organs: Regular consumption of Goji berries also known to keep our vital organs healthy and it is commonly used in Chinese medical practitioners. It helps to control cholesterol levels and blood pressure which keeps the heart healthy. Also these berries are used to treat diabetes. They keep the liver and kidneys healthy and help in all types of digestive problems such as ulcers and Irritable bowel syndrome. Goji extracts may also prevent growth of cancer cells.
  6. Increases Energy: Goji berries are believed to boost the energy level of the body. It relieves stress, anxiety, increases endurance, and restores libido and sexual desire in both males and females. Overall it harmonizes functions of the entire body, resulting in enhanced stamina, strength and energy. Goji berries are commonly available in dried form. So you can consume them as a snack. The recommended dosage is 10-30 gms. per day.


There are many ways you can consume Goji berries, you can eat them raw as a snack, blend them in smoothies, add to the cereal, oatmeal etc. and they can be used in your favorite herbal tea.

But with all these health benefits there can be very few side effects. So people with food allergies, pregnant and nursing mothers and people who are on medication should consult a doctor before consuming them.


Like anything else remember to consume Goji berries in moderation and you can’t go wrong with these tasty power packed berries.