5 Ways Monogamous Sex Is Better

Monogamy and ‘fun-filled sex’ are often not perceived to go hand in hand. Monogamy is believed to have a detrimental effect on a person’s sex life. Every time a person gets hitched, his/her friend would joke about the end of the fun era for him/her. The end of all the sexual fun begins with monogamy is a very one-dimensional and shallow look at monogamy. Monogamy comes with its challenges for sure. But it also comes with many advantages that people conveniently overlook. Monogamy or polygamy; its the approach of an individual that makes all the difference. Experts have started recognizing the benefits of monogamy in recent times. But monogamy is a personal choice and it should come from a place of contemplation and understanding. There are five big benefits of monogamy that have been listed below.

1. Perks Of Emotional Benefits Come With Monogamy

Emotional connection


Monogamy allows two people to know each other deeply and form a deeper connection. In a monogamous relationship, two people can bring their best in the bedroom because of their intimacy. Two people in a long-term relationship share a sense of trust and honesty with each other. These qualities allow two people to bond better in the bedroom as well. So, monogamy has been found to be very helpful in forming better connections between partners that translates into deeper sensual intimacy in the bedroom.

2. Monogamy Comes With Many Psychological Benefits

 Psyhological benefits

People in a trusting relationship don’t have to invest much of their energies in fighting anxiety that comes with having sex with lesser known partners. Unprotected sex in monogamous relationship is not something that gives you sleepless nights as you are aware of the sexual history of your partner. It liberates you to indulge in intimacy in newer and exciting ways without investing much thought into the repercussions of the act. Monogamy brings mental peace as there is no game to be played in the cut-throat world of mating anymore. You know your partner and he/she knows you to be completely sexual without other emotional hang ups.

3. Familiarity Can Be A Boon


Familiarity can often be looked at as a boring quality. But familiarity can incite understanding as well. When two people know each other, their likes and dislikes, sex becomes a more organic experience for both. You don’t have to figure out what the other person likes as you are already aware of it. You don’t have to go through the learning arc in a long term relationship again and again. You know where all the buttons are and how to push them to get a reaction that you want.

4. Fostering Honesty Is An Upside Of Monogamy


Communicating your needs in bed to your partner can be a difficult thing. You don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them you are not enjoying certain things. But this situation can be a lot less awkward when you know your partner for a long time or at least enough. Long-term relationships allow two people to bond with each other enough to share their discomforts and even laugh at them together. It is a very important quality to have in a relationship. This allows a couple to share their fantasies with each other. And in all probability, a monogamous couple wouldn’t mind playing out a fantasy as they are comfortable with their partners and genuinely love them to take a chance.

5. Monogamous Sex Can Be Just As Adventurous


It is a myth that monogamous sex is always boring. It is not true at all. Sex can be as adventurous as a couple want it to be, regardless of whether the couple is monogamous or polygamous. Two people can keep things interesting in the bedroom by embracing variety. This variety can be of any kind but as long as two people in a relationship can take a consensual decision about it, their sex lives are going to be great.

Monogamous relationships can be just as much fun as polygamous relationships. So, don’t let yourself be convinced with one set idea of fun. Explore beyond the usual.