3 Traditional Practices To Improve Eyesight and Hearing

Traditionally, we lived in harmony with nature that encouraged mind-body balance, whereas, today, we live in an inorganic environment where our senses are constantly overstimulated, leading to the accumulation of stress and anxiety.

Our endocrine glands act as buffers to absorb the negative impact of physical, mental, and emotional stress. However, if our glands are exposed to excessive levels, they become imbalanced and this leads to disharmony, deterioration, and disease.


Serious eye ailments such as cataracts, glaucoma, and loss of vision are caused by an imbalance in the pituitary gland which affects the optic nerve. Minor eye ailments such as infections, dryness, and redness are caused by an imbalance in the adrenal glands which affects the liver directly related to the strength of the eyes.

Ear ailments such as infections, earache, tinnitus, and loss of hearing are caused by an imbalance in the adrenal glands, resulting in excess moisture within the sinuses experienced as cold symptoms that affect the ear function.


3 Traditional Practices To Improve Eyesight And Hearing

Apply the following traditional practices for a few minutes, two times a day to improve eyesight and hearing:

1. Detoxification Practices

To increase the blood flow and activate the removal of accumulated impurities:



Detoxification Practices For Eyes

  • To cleanse your eyes, dissolve a few grains of salt in a drop of warm water and place on each eye to encourage eye-watering that will naturally relax them.
  • To increase eye circulation, massage carefully around the bones of each eye, applying small circular motions to restore blood flow.
  • To enhance eye function, close your eyes tightly and hold for ten seconds. Release and repeat several times. It releases eyestrain and tense muscles.
  • To reduce puffiness and eye bags, finely grate a small raw potato and apply to the area around the eye, lower brow, upper cheeks, and temples to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  • To clear eye infections, blend a handful of washed coriander leaves which has been boiled in a cup of water and later – cooled, strained, and refrigerated. Use cotton wool to apply the infusion to the eyes, hourly. Prepare fresh coriander infusion daily.
  • To strengthen the eyes, blend half a cup of soaked, skinned almonds with one cup of cold-pressed carrot juice and add half a teaspoon of amla powder. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.


Detoxification Practices For Ears

  • To cleanse the ears and prevent ear wax hardening, apply a few drops of cold-pressed sesame oil into the opening of each ear canal, press the ear flap, and hold for one minute.
  • To increase the ear circulation, massage the entire ear – front and back, pull, and tug the outer edges. This stimulates the blood flow.
  • To encourage ear detoxification, gently massage the area under the jawline using small circular movements.
  • To clear ear infections, finely grate a small clove of garlic and mix with a few drops of sesame oil. Wrap the mixture in a small piece of cotton wool and place it in the opening of the ear where it is still visible, for up to twelve hours. Remove and repeat, if required. (Note: Do not allow the raw garlic to come in contact with the skin.)
  • To strengthen the ears, drink two glasses of cold-pressed pineapple juice daily. This will detoxify the tissues and relieve inflammation.

2. Balancing Practices

Acupressure treatment regulates the vital energy flowing throughout the eyes and ears.


Balancing Practices For Eyes

  • To balance the pituitary gland, firmly massage the fleshy area of each thumb and big toe using an acupressure stick or blunt pencil.
  • To empower the optic nerve, firmly massage the web between each index finger and middle finger and continue along the back of the hand between the index and middle knuckle.
  • To strengthen the liver, firmly massage each inner leg from behind the inner ankle, up to the inner knee and end in the inner groin.
  • To enhance eye function, firmly massage the base of each index finger and middle finger and the base of each index toe and middle toe.


Balancing Practices For Ears

  • To balance the adrenal glands, firmly massage the area on your back – either side of your spine just below your rib cage.
  • To alleviate sinus congestion, firmly massage the tip of each finger and toe for thirty seconds each.
  • To enhance ear function, firmly massage the base of each ring finger and little finger and the base of each ring toe and little toe.

3. Rejuvenating Practices

Yoga therapy rests, replenishes, and revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit which rejuvenates the entire being to activate self-healing.


Practice for ten minutes, two times a day:

Sealing The Senses

Yoga Pose Sealing The Senses Rejuvenate The Body

  • Sealing the senses turns our senses inwards to recharge our eyes and ears.
  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.
  • Place the tips of your thumbs in your ears.
  • Place your index fingers on your closed eyelids.
  • Place your middle fingers on either side of the bridge of your nose.
  • Place your ring fingers on your upper lip.
  • Place your little fingers on your lower lip.
  • Bring your awareness to your breathing.
  • Allow your mind to follow your breath.

Kubera Mudra

Kubera Mudra Decongests The Sinuses

  • The Kubera mudra decongests the sinuses and lymph glands to empower our eyes.
  • Place the tip of your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together.
  • Bend your ring finger and little finger inwards.
  • Practice with both hands.

Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra Empowers Our Ears

  • The Shunya mudra empowers our ears to alleviate hearing problems.
  • Bend your middle finger and place the tip on the ball of your thumb.
  • Place your thumb over your middle finger.
  • Relax and extend your index, ring and little finger.
  • Practice with both hands.


Sasankasana Increases Circulation To Senses

  • The Sasankasana (Rabbit Pose) stretches the neck to increase circulation to our senses.
  • Kneel on the floor with your buttocks on your heels.
  • Bend forward and place the crown of your head on the floor.
  • Grasp your heels with your hands.
  • Bring your awareness to your breathing and relax in the posture.

Traditional holistic practices assist in counteracting the overuse of our eyes and ears to rejuvenate the tissues and prevent deterioration.