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Watery eyes can be treated at home with a warm compress and a chamomile eyewash.

9 Home Remedies To Tackle Watery Eyes Naturally

Treatment for watery eyes depends on the underlying problem. Have omega 3 and omega 7 fatty acids to ease dry eyes. For blepharitis-related eye watering, use a tea tree oil scrub or baby shampoo. A chamomile wash and honey can treat conjunctivitis. Drink oolong tea or use a turmeric wash for eye allergies.
To fall asleep quickly, drink chamomile tea and inhale valerian.

11 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly: Nod Off In A Blink

Drinking chamomile tea, warm milk with nutmeg, or valerian tea can help you get to sleep quickly. Vividly visualizing pleasant images can crowd out worrying thoughts that chase away sleep while white noise can mask distracting sounds. Having seaweed or kiwi fruit can also help. So can aromatherapy with lavender.
9 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Everyday Damage

9 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Everyday Damage

Your eyes are an essential part of your body and good eye health is important to maintain overall health. How well you see is...

10 Common Stroke Symptoms Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. Every 4 minutes, a stroke-related death occurs.Stroke Facts. Centers for Disease Control and...

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

Different zones on the face are said to be linked to different organs or parts of the body. If there is anything wrong with a particular organ, such as the lungs, for example, the tongue will show a symptom indicating the problem. Similarly, the different parts of the face like the space between your eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, nose, eyes, chin, and tongue show different issues.

7 Reasons To Include Sweet Potatoes In Your Diet

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8 Tests You Can Try At Home To Know Your Health Status

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Turn Over A New Leaf Through Journaling

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6 Unusual Side-Effects Of The Pill You Should Know About

Contraceptive pills are a boon to modern women as it allows you to control your reproductive system. However, these pills are chemical formulations and...

8 Health Benefits Of Spending Time In Nature

Spending time in nature comes with a range of health benefits. Regular walks outdoors lower cortisol, the stress hormone. Being around trees also improves memory, concentration, and creativity. Exercising outdoors boosts your immune function and prevents myopia. Additionally, being outdoors relieves anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Research also states that an outdoor hike can boost your energy and improve your sleep patterns.

7 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Penis

Taking care of your genitals is important for good health. Wash your penis regularly with water and mild, non-perfumed soaps. Wear clean, dry cotton underwear for daily use. Wash your hands before and after urinating to avoid irritation. Remove pubic hair carefully using a pair of good scissors or razor. Use a condom before sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of STIs.

7 Reasons Why Your Eyes Look Older Than You

The first signs of aging begin to appear around our eyes. Our eyes may develop dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, crow's feet, and drooping...

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Eating Pineapples

Pineapple is a fruit that has many useful properties that can improve your health. It is also known to help fight free radicals that can cause cancer. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples can reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots. The beta-carotene in the fruit fights macular degeneration and its potassium content helps lower blood pressure. So, eating this fruit and drinking pineapple juice is beneficial to prevent and treat many diseases.

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