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Techniques for a pain-free childbirth

9 Traditional Techniques For A Pain-Free Childbirth

If you have any doubts about your childbirth and the pain it can cause, you can adopt some of the techniques used by traditional mothers to help them with childbirth. These techniques include energy-balancing treatments to reduce the pain, to shorten the length of the pain, to prevent breech delivery and some yoga exercises to help ease your pain at the time of childbirth

6 Ancient Recuperation Practices For New Mothers

Being a new mother can be very hard on the mind and body of the mother. So it is important to practice some of the ancient techniques that make the new mother's body and mind feel relaxed and healthy. These practices were used in the ancient times as a remedy for this very same purpose. They are eating healing foods, acupressure, self massage, root lock breath, makara mudra and the various yoga asanas intended for this problem and also balance out the hormones.

5 Mudras You Can Practice For Better Health

Our world has become extremely fast paced and so have our lives. The need for immediate results and answers have us on our toes...

Enhance Your Child’s Physical And Mental Well-being Through Yogic Wisdom

The yogic practices are there for a reason, they are there to help enhance the mind and body health of your child. It is also possible to stop or significantly reduce the gland issues that a child may possess during a certain period in his/her life. These practices help regulate the gland and hormonal activity and help keep the body and mind at a balance. Those practices are the acupressure therapy, mudra healing, chakra balancing and the chakra balancing practice.
Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Your Stammering

3 Yoga Poses That Can Reduce Your Stammering

The lion pose or Simhasana is great for you if you have a stammering problem. It syncs what you say with your thought speed. The conch shell pose, which brings back the resonance and pitch of your voice, also helps reduce stammering. Try the easy conch shell pose if you find this complicated. You can also try the lotus pose with Gyan Mudra as it helps you relax and concentrate, which in turn reduces stammering.

Awakening Our Heart Chakra To Heal Physical And Emotional Heart Ailments

The heart chakra is the center of love and kindness and is located at the center of the chest, linked to the thymus gland, heart, lungs, breasts and arms. When closed, the heart chakra manifests in physical symptoms like cardiovascular disease and emotional symptoms like supressed anger, hurt, grief, and jealousy. Here are 6 self-healing practices one can use to open one's heart chakra. These methods range from breathing exercises, herbal remedies, colored light therapy and simple visualization. Allow these methods to open up your heart chakra and allow positive feelings like forgiveness, joy, compassion and love to flow through your body.

3 Traditional Practices To Improve Eyesight and Hearing

Practicing traditional ways in the modern day to improve eyesight and hearing has no side effects, when done with precaution. Detoxification practices increase the blood flow and activate the removal of accumulated impurities. Balancing practices i.e., acupressure treatment regulate the vital energy flowing throughout the eyes and ears. And yoga therapy (sealing the senses, kubera mudra, shunya mudra, and sasankasana) revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit to activate self-healing.
Empower Your Solar Plexus Chakra To Heal Diabetes

Empower Your Solar Plexus Chakra To Heal Diabetes

The solar plexus chakra is the power center linked to the pancreas and adrenal glands, the imbalance of which causes diabetes and hypoglycemia. There are holistic practices to self-heal diabetes: Merudanda mudra empowers the solar plexus chakra to release stress; chanting of the mantra "Ram" activates the energy in the solar plexus chakra; yoga asanas – virabhadrasana I and II – balance solar plexus chakra; and, food like bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds, etc...help nourish your solar plexus.

5 De-Stressing Yoga Mudras Which Can Be Done Anywhere

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6 Immune-Boosting Traditional Practices To Prevent Disease

Immune-boosting acupressure can activate self-healing for optimum well-being and stimulate detoxification. Linga Mudra promotes self-healing and strengthens the body’s resistance to disease. The dog breath exercise oxygenates the body, purifies the tissues to fight disease, and empowers the immune system. Turmeric, tulsi, garlic, ashwagandha, and neem are herbs that help improve immune system. Follow immune-boosting tips and exercises to strengthen our endrocrine glands.

6 Ancient Indian Practices To Heal Back Pain And Sciatica

Try acupressure therapy for sciatica and back pain thrice every day. Doing the Back Mudra thrice a day helps strengthen the back. Make a pain relieving balm with organic ghee and cayenne pepper, and apply it on the affected areas. A hot ginger bath is good for joint pain. Taping crystals like smoky quartz to the affected areas gives pain relief. Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of cold, pressed juices like cherry juice is raw juice therapy for severe pain.

6 Indian Healing Practices To Alleviate Depression

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4 Anti-Aging Indian Therapies For The Body And Mind

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Chakra Detoxification Practices For The Mind, Body, And Spirit

The seven main chakras are the foundation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. Open and balanced chakras absorb the universal earth...

Use Of Mudras To Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress

In the Yogic tradition, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the position and movement of hands during asana and meditation practice. These...