Tips To Trim The Flab

At a school reunion, ten years after you graduate:

Batchmate: You look different.

You: *blushing* Well, thank you. I have grown out my hair.

Batchmate: I mean…congratulations! (points at your tummy)

You run home, sob, hate that batchmate forever, and make a resolution to lose 10 pounds in a day.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss how you can lose up to 10 pounds naturally, with no supplements or side effects.

Please say you didn’t believe that!
Anything that can make you lose that much weight that fast can’t be natural and with no side effects. So, let’s be…

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…realistic and approach our weight loss goals keeping in mind the following tips.

Get over the low fat obsession.

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Doing a quick mental calculation (even when you’ve never passed a math test in your

life) of how many calories you are about to devour with the food an inch away from your mouth (or already in it)…is going to up your cortisol (stress) levels and, hence, the weighing scale.

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So, instead of obsessing over ‘fat’ and freaking out at the very mention of it, realize that your body needs fats.


The whole good fat/bad fat dilemma can be quite taxing. A simpler approach would be to stick to natural fats and stay away from processed ones (think canned food).

Running is good cardio, but don’t run toward old age.

Long-duration exercises like excessive running produces free radicals.12 This creates oxidative stress

that can damage your muscles and trigger other age-related health conditions like arthritis.

Understand what you’re working with.

You need to identify your body type, and exercise and eat accordingly thereafter.

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No. Seriously.


Here are some tips to melt fat around your tummy…


Follow the ‘less is more’ mantra.

Short intense workouts are way more effective than longer, less intense, unnecessarily prolonged ones. So, indulge in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and start

pumping that iron.


You don’t have a built-in age clock, so stop fabricating one.

With age, our muscles do deteriorate. However, you can build muscle even when you’re 90 with simple weight training exercises.3 So, don’t think you can’t. You are biologically wired so that you can.

Water burns fat and suppresses hunger. Period.

Drink plenty of water. Water boosts metabolism in fat tissue and helps you feel full.4 When your kidneys don’t get enough water to flush out toxins, your liver takes over. Your liver is your primary fat-burning organ. Do you really want it dividing its attention?

Restrict politeness to 3 bites.

When you are a victim to peer pressure or social etiquette, you may be put in quite sticky situations

where you have to comply and engulf a giant red velvet cupcake. When offered calorie-laden food, take 3 small bites to appease. Throw the rest away (artfully).

Eat consciously.

Recognize the point when you’re full, when you’re unreasonably binge craving, and when you’re really thirsty instead of hungry. If you do feel hungry between meals, binge on healthy snacks.

Stay active every day.

Just because you can’t snug in a 30-minute workout or a 10 mile run into

your day, doesn’t mean you have to let that day pass being inactive. Think simple steps–take the stairs, park away from your office so you have to walk, and maybe even ridiculously chase a butterfly in the park (whatever works for you).

Stay away from naysayers.

Surround yourself with optimists. This is a great way to humanize your reward system (think: compliments and motivation) instead of depending on cheat meals or days. Implement the mindset change within, too.

All said and done…