6 Effective Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Unborn Babies

Bonding with the baby is easier for mothers as compared to dads. This may seem evident since mothers are the ones carrying the baby for 9 long months after the conception. But, it becomes more difficult for dads to bond with their little ones when they are still in the womb.

It is alright not being able to develop a connection. They haven’t yet seen or felt the baby, and there is a lot more going on in their minds—if they would make a good dad, or afford to the demands of the family and the baby.


Here are ways that can help dads connect with their unborn babies and get them used to the idea that they are soon going to fathers.

1. Accompany Your Partner To The Scans

Seeing your baby will create a greater impact than just knowing that they are on the way. Have a look at the little life full of wonder growing inside your partner’s belly—it is an amazing movement to see that tiny heart beating with life.
You could even go ahead and have more realistic and real-time 4D scans of your baby. The technology today allows you to see your baby flitting around, or sucking their thumb in the womb.


2. Talk To Your Buddies

Talk to other dads from your friend circle—know how they felt before their babies were born. You might relate to their experiences. You might also discover how feeling apprehensive about a new responsibility is common and bothers many—it is not just you who is dealing with it.

3. Join Your Partner In Prenatal Classes

Attend those yoga or prenatal classes along with your partner. This will give you an idea of what to expect during the pregnancy, and how your partner feels. Not only will it get you two closer, you will know more about what happens during pregnancy and how can you contribute to support your partner. It will only make you aware how you, your partner and your baby are closely knit in a bond.


4. Feel The Bump

In order to connect, you need to perceive better—though would-be fathers can’t sense their baby like moms do, they can certainly touch the bump and feel their baby move inside. Ask your partner to let you know when the baby is turning acrobatic inside the womb. You might be too excited to touch the belly and feel the little life kick or twist and turn.

5. Talk To Your Baby

Your baby’s hearing ability is developed by the 23rd week. She can recognize her mother’s voice after birth if she has repeatedly listened to her across the belly. To begin with, fathers can talk to their baby through the wall of womb—they may actually be listening! If you like singing, be your baby’s DJ. Sing a song to them every day at a particular time. Chances are your baby may recognize your voice after birth.


6. Think About Them

Envisage a day when your baby will be grown up. How would you spend time with them?—may be read them a story, or play hide and seek with. How would they be like?—may be they would love exploring things or would love cracking jokes like you do. Imagining about your baby can help you connect with them and make you more curious and excited that your baby is on the way.

New dads could be under a lot of pressure dealing with being pregnant. It is ok to worry about too many things at this stage. Distract yourself by being around your partner and the baby, and taking care of them.