5 Things No One Tells You About Cesarean

No matter what type of birth you are planning at, never rule out the possibility of a cesarean. There are different forms of delivery – natural birth and cesarean. They are different in the way they are performed, and how a woman prepares and recovers from it. All that matters is a healthy baby and a healthy you, and not how they entered the world.

It is terrifying to think of going through a cesarean when it has its own fair share of risks. Most of the cesarean are emergency cases where there is no time to plan ahead and recover. Sure, there are feelings involved after going through c-section. There are many things which a pregnant woman, especially a first-timer, should be aware of. Here’s what you need to know about giving birth through cesarean and be prepared.

5 Things No One Tells You About Cesarean

1. Mild Tugging Sensation

The mild sensation which you would feel during the surgery cannot be explained. It is perhaps the most subtle word. The feeling is like the wind being taken out of your body. Many

women feel a tugging sensation and this is because of the movements of the doctors removing the baby which feels like as if they are manipulating your organs. Ideally, many physicians warn you just before you feel this sensation so you would not get frightened. The inability to breathe just overwhelms you. It’s good to do relaxation or breathing techniques during this intense portion of your c-section birth. Your teeth might also chatter from the anesthesia.

2. Shortness Of Breath

The uncomfortable pressure that you would feel while your doctor presses over the top of your uterus to deliver the baby gives you shortness of breath. This is the most uncomfortable part of the surgery, although it may last only for a few seconds.

3. Numbness

Even if you have adequate coverage from anesthesia to numb the bottom part of your body, you could still feel some sensation. The feeling is like someone touching you but still, you don’t have any sensation. There are some spots that are completely numb that you can’t feel anything. You might think it is crazy to even go

through such sensation, but believe us, you will go through this if you give birth by c-section. This sensation is not indicative of any nerve damage or a cause for worry.

4. Movement

The movements which you would feel is not pain, although it will frighten the nerve out of you. The anesthesia covers adequately, but the movement in the bottom part of the body is still felt. It can be compared to something that scurries over your body or lying on top of your belly. Some lucky ones will feel this very less while those unlucky lots would feel through the entire surgery. Women who have already delivered through c-section can relate to this very well.

5. Shakes

If you get a spinal anesthesia, probably the involuntary vibrations or shakes is what you would feel. It is like having leg spasms or shiver, and it is very normal. Do not worry much as it would subside quickly. Always be sure to let your anesthesiologist know what you are going through or feeling. They will help you out and let you know if it

is normal or not.

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Additionally, there are also other pain medication options including IV and general anesthesia. Everything depends on your condition, surgical needs, and the situation. Whatever the reason behind c-section, whether it is planned or an emergency case, the feelings, and sensations are same with everyone.