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10 Ways Of Staying Consistently Motivated Toward Your Goal

Life is too long to have just one goal. And your goals will constantly change with your age and priorities. It could be to make...

9 Tips To Get The Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Looking For

When you tell yourself that you are too lazy to go for a workout, it is the mind that is deciding what you do. The mind has complete control over you. That is why you should change your thoughts to eventually change your lifestyle. Always keep your goal in mind, treat your health as part of your priority, and always think about consequences.

5 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Health Goals

Is something holding you back from going to the gym, following a diet, and reaching your fitness goals? Several factors like lack of motivation, unrealistic goals, monotonous fitness routine, and strict eating rules can be at play, stopping you from reaching your potential. To stay fit without a struggle, take up these few steps and form an exercise routine and diet that are prefect for you.
group classes have a much bigger impact

The Workout Tweak That Will Make You Happier And Less Stressed

If you've ever enrolled yourself in a group class like cycling or Zumba, it's hard not to feel the energy in the room. This...

4 Hacks To Help You Make A Desired Change Successfully

We all have been in a situation where one fine day we decided to make a change like quitting sugar, but could only successfully...

6 Ways To Stay Healthy When You’re Stressed Or Demotivated

Life isn’t always the same. The ups and downs in life combined with the chaos and stress leave you demotivated. Activities that were once enjoyable suddenly become boring and you simply don’t have the drive to achieve it. Stress and demotivation can throw your health plans off -track. Simple changes in your thoughts and your approach towards life can help you stay healthy even when you’re stressed or demotivated.
Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

Get Up! 6 Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

For people lacking the motivation to get started, fitness experts say it’s actually not motivation but discipline that gets you moving. If you have money problems, swap gym sessions with yoga, aerobic exercise, zumba, and floor exercises. These can be done at home and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. For people struggling with time, prioritize, fix a routine, and build a schedule that you can stick to.

Everyday Toxic Behaviors That Burn You Out

Burnout may cause physical and mental symptoms, but you can prevent it by changing specific behaviors. Avoid ruminating and obsessing over things you can’t change. Instead, reflect and look for learning opportunities. Notice what motivates you and don’t ignore it. Replace narcissism with self-compassion and be kind to yourself during tough times. Be optimistic! Pessimism makes everything miserable, especially if you don’t engage with others. Make time to socialize and form healthy relationships.
The facts that you need to know about how stress is good for you.

5 Good Effects Of Stress That You Should Know About

Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that acts on the brain’s pre-frontal cortex. This strengthens learning, memory, and your ability to handle mental tasks. Even happiness will flourish, thanks to the activity on the prefrontal cortex. Stress also promotes the “fight or flight” response so you can handle dangerous situations. Plus, the response stimulates your immune system, helping it become stronger and better. Motivation is also fueled by stress, so it’s OK to feel it in small doses.

4 Steps To Wean Yourself Off Soda

Sodas contain caffeine that energizes us and sugar that makes us feel good. Identify which of the two drives your soda cravings and find healthier substitutes. Tea or coffee for caffeine and a balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle for sugar. Soy products help curb sugar urges. Keep yourself motivated and drink lemon water. You may fail at times but don’t give up.

7 Benefits Of Exercising Before Bed

Working out before bed will relieve stress after a long day. This will clear your mind, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. If you have physical tension, do yoga exercises before bed. Your quality of sleep will also improve. Plus, working out in the evening means you won’t have to rush to work. The brief energy boost will also replace unhealthy habits with motivation. For best results, experts recommend exercising three hours before bedtime.

10 Simple Exercises To Help Relieve Menstrual Cramps

It's that time of the month and you feel miserable! But you also don't want to skip out on your fitness training, so what...

Top 7 Excuses for Being Overweight

If you don't have the time, integrate your tasks with exercises and cooking. If you don't have money to spend, remember eating well is an investment on your health as health is wealth. If you don't have the motivation, take your time and make a healthy choice. If your family keeps unhealthy food at home, make a choice of not having it. Have a balanced diet to enhance your metabolism if you feel lazy. Take care of yourself before you care for others.
workout motivation

7 Smart Ways To Get Workout Motivation

Encourage yourself to workout by doing a fun activity like dancing or kickboxing. Prepare your exercise clothes beforehand so it’s easy to get ready. Get yourself a workout buddy. Break down big resolutions into smaller tasks. Reward yourself every time you achieve something. Internet challenges and social media can also give you support and guidance.

10 Mental Tips For Starting A New Fitness Regimen

If you want to make 'exercise' your way of life, know the top 10 tips/tricks towards starting a new fitness regimen. Be motivated, accept failure, be realistic, patient, humble, go slow with exercises, celebrate small successes, be hydrated, be ready to invest and be ready to rest. These tips will take you towards a healthier lifestyle.