9 Tips To Get The Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Looking For

Everybody knows the theory behind getting fit. You eat right and you exercise regularly. But when the time comes, you find it just too difficult to get up for that swim or skip the popcorn at the movies. “I don’t have the time to exercise or the willpower to eat healthily,” sounds familiar? Only when you change your thoughts can you change your lifestyle. Here are nine thoughts you should keep in mind to get fit.

1. Keep Your Goal In Mind Always

visualize your goal


Every time you start to waver and think negatively, visualize your goal: That dress you want to fit into or maybe going to a cousin’s wedding looking your best. Whatever your reason for getting off your behind is think about it, and don’t stop thinking about it.

2. Treat Your Food As Fuel

you are what you eat


Think of your body as a car and your food as fuel. If you want a car to perform in the best condition possible, you will not fill it with cheap gas. You would pick good quality gas that is right for the car. Similarly, for your body to be healthy and in the best shape, you need to eat only the best food. So, when you pick up the fork, ask yourself if the cheesy pasta or the grilled fish is better for the body. Will a sugary doughnut or an apple give you the energy and concentration you need? Remember, everything you put in your mouth has an effect on your body.

3. Think About Your Health In The Future

start exercising before your health goes downhill


If you look fine and feel fine without exercising, don’t assume that you are safe. Health issues can creep up anytime. If you don’t watch what you eat and take care of your body, it will catch up with you at a later point. Don’t wait until your health starts to fail to start exercising because it will be a lot more difficult. Start now when you can push yourself and enhance your health.

4. Focus On The Muscles You’re Using

focus on the muscle group you are using to make it work hard


In order to get the full benefit of a particular exercise, think about the muscles that are used for it. So, squat while thinking about the muscles that you should be using so that more blood (and oxygen) goes to that part and it gets stronger. When you do crunches think about the abdomen muscles, and so on.

5. Picture How You Would Look

looking good will make you more confident


Other than the health benefits, healthy practices like eating right and exercising make you look your best. Don’t worry about sounding superficial if one of the main reasons that you work out is to look good. Looking makes you feel good: You will automatically feel more confident and powerful when you are happy with the way you look.

6. Always Think About The After

 think about eating unhealthily for a meal and feeling guilty after it


When you feel like picking up the phone and ordering a pizza, think about how you will feel after you eat it. Will a few minutes of enjoying a pizza be worth the effort that you have put in at the gym? Think about filling up on some watermelon or veggies instead. At the end of the day, you will be full and you will feel accomplished for being strong enough to resist the temptation.

7. Place Your Health On Top Of Everything

Think of exercise as something as important as a meeting


Do not think of exercise as something you do when you don’t have anything else to do? You should think of it as a compulsory part of your everyday life. Make it a priority and think that it is just as crucial as a meeting. Schedule your day around it and don’t worry about telling people “no” to their plans so that you do not have to forego your workout. After all, your health should be your priority.

8. Give Your Family The Best Version Of You

your family deserves the best version of you

Do you think hitting the gym or taking a walk around the park after work seems like you are spending even less time with your family? While family-time is vital, it’s equally important to spend time for yourself as well. Think about it this way: Your family deserves the strongest, most energetic version of yourself. Only by taking care of yourself can you give them this version of you. So don’t think you are being selfish when you hit the gym for an hour, remember that taking care of yourself will, in turn, take care of them. They are counting on you to stay healthy.

9. Remember How Hard It Was To Start

Remember How Hard It Was To Start

Starting is the hardest part. You shouldn’t stop exercising because once you do, you will have to start the process over to get to where you are now. Tell this to yourself when you feel like giving up. Never let your cozy bed get the better of you in the morning. You do not want to go through the horrendous process of “starting to exercise” yet again.

Your thoughts are extremely powerful. Half the battle can be won by just picturing a lifestyle where you eat healthily and exercise regularly. Keeping these thoughts in mind will help you make the changes you want and achieve the results that you desire.