Get Up! 6 Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

Do you want to workout but just can’t seem to get started? We have all been there. Getting started is always the hardest part, especially when you don’t know how to tackle the common obstacles. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep your heart healthy, blood sugar levels in control, and your weight in check. Need more convincing? A study revealed 1 in 12 deaths could be prevented just by doing 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days.1 So, stop making excuses and get moving! Here are the most infamous fitness excuses and how to tackle them.

“I Have No Motivation To Workout”

Exercise needs to be a habit.and not something out of motivation


Do you use lack of motivation as your excuse to get off the couch? Fitness experts say it’s actually not motivation but discipline that gets you moving. Self-discipline is what it takes to be a lean clean fitness machine. If you are going off track often, start small and make specific goals. Visualize the goal and move towards it in baby steps. It needs to be part of your daily routine and not something you feel like doing. Exercise needs to be a habit.

“I Have No Money To Go To The Gym”

Yoga, aerobics, and Zumba are great exercises to do at home


You don’t need to go to the gym to get in shape. Yoga, aerobic exercise, zumba, and floor exercises can be done at home and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you want equipment, just look around, your home is full of opportunities! You could use chairs, a heavy backpack of textbooks, a bag of onions, a belt – just use your imagination. Another tip is to incorporate tiny bits of an exercise in regular chores. Do squats as you sort your groceries or lunges as you walk out of the house.

“I Have No Time To Do Any Exercise”

You need to make time and build a routine


We get it. You have kids. You have a 9-5 job and you spend an extra 2 hours on the road. You need to meet your friends. It seems hard to juggle everything. But fitness experts say a routine is what can help prioritize your life. You need to make time and build a schedule that you can stick to. Keep telling yourself, you just need 30 minutes of exercise. Don’t build an unrealistic timeline. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t add workout in the morning in your schedule. Also, squeeze in small changes to your lifestyle gradually. If you have kids, workout with them. It’s good for you and your kids!

 “I Am Too Old For This”

It's never too late to start exercising


Stop using your age as an excuse. It’s never too late to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Build a personalized workout routine with an experienced trainer, doctor or physiotherapist. There are several mild forms of exercises you could do if you have arthritis, back pain, or other issues. Health officials reveal several people benefit from regular exercise if they have had cancer, heart issues or been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“It’s Boring”

Switch to dance workouts, have a gym buddy, and buy amazing sportswear


If you find exercise boring, spice things up. Switch to dance workouts, have a gym buddy, buy amazing sportswear, create an upbeat playlist, join a community – there are several tricks to get you pumped up for a workout. Some people enjoy catching up with their favorite TV shows while on the treadmill. Reward yourself for achievements in your workout.

“I Feel Intimidated By Fit People In The Gym”

Your confidence would kick in after a few regular sessions


Trust us, the beginning is always the toughest. If you feel conscious about exercising next to people, remind yourself, they were in the same place once upon a time. Try focusing on how your body responds to exercise, the way it moves, how much strain it could take, and so on. You really don’t have to worry because your confidence would kick in after a few regular sessions.