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Postpartum Bleeding: What To Expect After Giving Birth

It's natural for most women to bleed for 4–6 weeks after delivery. This postpartum bleeding is known as lochia. It's normal to bleed heavily and pass grape-sized clots for the first 4 days. Over the next few weeks, usually, the blood turns brownish-pink and finally white and no clots are passed. But it's not normal to bleed unusually heavily (soaking a maxi-pad in an hour) or pass multiple golf ball-sized clots at any point in the bleeding period – not even the first 4 days.

Baby Born From Embryo Frozen 25 Years Ago

Yes, you read it right! A baby has been born from an embryo frozen for nearly 25 years. It is the longest known frozen...

Why Does Your Baby Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding?

Babies typically tend to fall asleep at the breast when they’re satiated. Sometimes, this can also happen when your baby has not latched on properly. If you experience pain during nursing, that’s another sign of an improper latch. Babies who were born with a low birth weight may also be sleepier during feedings. As long as your baby is steadily gaining weight and passing stool and urine normally, there's no reason to worry.

8 Things That Have An Influence On Our Brains

The brain might be responsible for our physical and psychological health, but research states that certain factors in life influence certain parts of the brain. Sports improve information processing, concentration, and memory. Attentive reading and painting improve cognition. Excessive sugar consumption causes cognitive decline and depression. Falling in love improves social cognition. Pregnancy shrinks grey matter, which develops maternal instincts. Stress and dehydration impair memory.

What Does A Cottage-Cheese-Like Discharge From The Vagina Mean?

If you’re a woman, then you know that your vagina is going to secrete all sorts of discharge. Discharge can be regulated by the...

7 Ways To Make Your Pregnant Partner Feel Confident

An expectant mom goes through a lot of struggles during pregnancy. Sometimes, she might be overwhelmed with discomforts associated with pregnancy. Morning sickness, aches,...

7 Things That Women Secretly Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a confusing experience for men, especially when their partners get pregnant for the first time. They are figuring out just as...

The Best Vegan Mexican Food: Facts And Secrets

If you haven’t believed the fact yet, it’s time to toy with the idea yourself: vegan Mexican food exists. True that Mexican cuisine can...

The Common Causes Of Penis Allergies

If your penis is irritated after sex, it could be an allergic reaction. It’s possible to have a latex allergy, so try synthetic condoms. Fragrances, colors, flavors, and spermicides in condoms or lubricants may not agree with your skin. Even products on your partner’s body can cause irritation. Use lube to avoid friction from dry sex, and know that men can get a yeast infection after having unprotected sex with a woman who has one.

That ‘S’ Word! How Do You Teach Your Preteen About Sex And Birth Control?

Curiosity, that’s exactly how it starts. Younger kids are curious and more interested in pregnancy and babies than the mechanics of sex. As parents,...

How Stress Affects The Development Of A Fetus

Peaceful and stress-free pregnancy is what every pregnant woman dreams of. It is normal for anyone to be a bit stressed during pregnancy. However,...

6 Uncomfortable Questions That Kids Ask Their Parents

Children are inquisitive by nature. They are receptive to everything that the world throws at them. But sometimes, social conventions and etiquette can baffle...

Can Your Immune System Predict Preterm Birth?

A preterm birth occurs if a baby is born before 37 weeks. However, since vital organs need 39 weeks to develop, preterm infants are at risk for many health problems. And while there isn’t a reliable way to predict preterm births, a 2017 study found that the immune system may provide cues. During a full-term pregnancy, immune cells change on a precise schedule.

6 Things Gynecologists Wish All Women Knew

Gynecologists play a pivotal part in the lives of all women. Gynecologists happen to be the ones who know their patients inside out quite...

Should Your Mother-In-Law Be In The Delivery Room With You When You Give Birth?

Every pregnant mom has lots of questions in their mind as they near the due date. Without any doubt, one of the most important...