18 Mini-Milestones Every Pregnant Mom Can Relate To

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that cannot be described as a 9-month long gestation. It can better be explained in small milestones wherein a mom experiences a series of changes and feels that she is moving ahead with a life in her womb and hope in her eyes.

Here are 18 milestones of pregnancy that you can’t overlook—these will remind you of this beautiful journey at the end of which you are blessed with a gift for life.


1. Discovering That You Are Pregnant

That moment when you discover the two pink stripes on your pregnancy test is overwhelming. It could be completely unexpected when you are trying to get pregnant and you finally find out that you are now. You could experience a rush of emotions. In that instant of joy, fear, and excitement, your pregnancy journey begins.

2. The First Pregnancy Symptoms

Was that a moment of excitement that pregnancy symptoms have started showing up, confirming that there is life inside you? Or did you realize that your morning sickness has finally kicked in after all? Surely, feeling sick for the first time might be one of the initial milestones related to your pregnancy.


3. The First Visit To Your Gynecologist

Nothing sounds better than an official confirmation of your pregnancy. After those tests and examinations it feels even more real. Time to take precautionary measure in your diet and lifestyle—necessary changes you knew you would have to adopt.

4. Spreading The News

You want to blurt out the news of your pregnancy, but only to the close ones. This is the time you decide who all should know. It is also the time you get to see the excitement on others’ face—probably your near and dear ones. You are anxious to tell them, but decide on the right opportunity—may be surprising them and trusting them to hold your big secret for a little more time.


5. The First Trimester

Level one completed successfully! You and your baby have sailed through the difficult times, which carry the maximum risk of a miscarriage. Now, you can sit back and relax as your pregnancy takes on the journey of the second trimester. Morning sickness is gone for good, and your belly is still not showing much. Though you feel the difference in how your body is working. Fatigue and frequent urination are your new companions.

6. Baby Shopping

You might just think about buying some little cute dresses for your baby—choosing between the color pink and blue may become a huge task. Shopping for the baby might itself involve dealing with dilemmas—whether it seems too early or at the right time. Anyways, you still can’t resist shopping and your unborn baby already has a wardrobe collection of their own. The first baby shopping is also a pregnancy milestone.


7. Hearing The Heart Beat

The day when you listen to a faint heartbeat coming from within is the day you will remember very well for a long time. That is your baby in there—living healthily. It is a moment to cherish—hearing the signs of life developing inside you.

8. Your Bump Starts Showing

As your bump starts showing through your clothes, it is then you first realize how much your body has changed since the beginning of pregnancy. People around can now figure out your pregnancy by noticing your growing belly.


9. Shopping For Maternity Clothes

You don’t fit into your clothes—going for maternity shopping becomes your priority may be your only option. However, you still have no clue how much more will your belly grow. Eventually, you will find out that early shopping does no good.

10. The Very First Cravings

One of the milestones during pregnancy that one cannot overlook is the cravings for food. Hunger is your new annoying friend and it doesn’t seem to stop. You want to binge on foods—mostly unhealthy ones.


11. Feeling The Baby’s First Kick

Feeling your baby move in your baby sends your heart for a rush. Many times, you confuse it with gas, but with time you know your baby is a lot active in there, indulging in all sorts of acrobats.

12. Finding Out Whether It’s A Boy Or A Gal

Knowing about the gender of the baby sets in motion a series of thoughts and emotions. You might have just planned in a minute what your boy will wear or what will your girl love to do, and what would their room look like.


13. Taking Up Prenatal Classes

Your pregnancy yoga sessions or childbirth classes may continue till the mid of the third trimester or more. Finding other moms like you preparing for the future feels great. You could connect better with them by sharing your own experiences and listening to their stories.

14. The Beginning Of Third Trimester

Time is just closing in—you are now entering the third and final trimester. More than half of your pregnancy journey is complete and it seems like a long time since you first discovered you were pregnant. Your belly size reminds you of the time ahead.

15. Midnight Cravings

Feeling extremely hungry at odd times is a new discovery for you—it seems your baby is placing orders for the room service from in there and there is no way you can deny that request.

16. Preparations For The Baby

Your baby’s room is ready, so are the toys, diapers, clothes, towels, cradle, baby products and so much more on your long checklist. All is set and ready for the new guest to arrive, the wait is only making you more impatient and so is your back ache and fatigue.

17. Approaching Due Date

You see your doctor more often now. An appointment a week becomes important after the 36th week of your pregnancy. Your due date is approaching and you can’t more excited and frightened at the same time. In this moment of anticipation of the unexpected, listening to your heath care provider is your relief as he/she guides you through the process further.

18. The Delivery Day

You were never enough prepared for it, but your baby is going to be in your arms very soon. You can’t distinguish between fear and joy. Your pregnancy has come to its conclusion and the moment of birth can arrive anytime soon when your labor begins.

Pregnancy may be an undulating journey. At the end of all the wait, all you would want to do is cuddle your baby in your arms.