6 Common Gym Etiquette Aspects You Should Be Following

Maintain gym etiquette aspects in the gym always

Getting in shape can be a hard proposition but working out while being distracted because of pet peeves can be so much more harder! Whether you’ve walked in to a gym for the first time or have been slugging it out with other gym-goers for a while, you’re simply expected to have good gym etiquette.

Sharing a gym with others means that you’re part of a community and making that community a working entity is what should be focused on. To ensure the most productive and least distracting training session for you and everyone else, it’s imperative that you follow a few simple rules. Here’s a list of the most common gym etiquette aspects that you should be aware of so you’re not “that guy or girl” that everyone looks to avoid while training.1 2


Avoid These Mistakes In The Gym

1. Check For Any Written Rules In Your Gym

Check for any written rules in the gym

Usually, gyms don’t hand out a “code of conduct” booklet when you join. Therefore, it makes sense that you take some time out and look around for any rules that are posted on the walls. No matter how trivial or senseless some rules may be, you should realize that these rules have been put up for a reason and you need to follow them at every step. Don’t be that guy or girl that thinks he or she is above the rules! You’re only going to end up being a person that everyone avoids in the gym.


2. Don’t Make A Smelly Entrance

Shower yourself before entering the gym

You can never be sure as to what’s more worse in a gym – smelling like you’re doused in perfume or stinking like you’re covered in some foul-smelling animal waste. Either way, your fellow workout buddies aren’t going to be too happy about this assault on their senses.


Remember to take a clean shower and keep things fresh before you walk in to the gym. More importantly, never reuse your same sweaty workout clothes from the last session. Wash and clean them after every use. While it isn’t so bad to wear a little perfume, covering yourself with it completely can end up being a chemical assault on others. Don’t be that guy or girl!

3. Keep A Towel With You To Stay Clean

Keep a towel with you to stay clean always


No matter who you are, wouldn’t you just love it if you had a gym and all its equipment to yourself. Not everyone is this lucky! For the more unfortunate ones that have to share a gym and all the equipment, cleanliness should be the biggest focus.

Isn’t it disgusting when you have to use the bench press and the last person has left a big sweat patch on the bench for you? Don’t be that guy or girl! Just use a towel from your gym or better yet, bring one on your own to wipe yourself as well as all the surfaces that you come in contact with as you get in shape.


4. Don’t Be An Equipment Hog

Do not horde all the equipment that you don't need

Isn’t it annoying when you don’t find something where it was supposed to be kept? This rule applies to your gym too. Once you’re done using any gym equipment, don’t be that guy or girl who just walks away.


Instead, always put stuff back where it belongs, whether you’re dealing with weights or bars. Remember to never wait until the end of your workout, just clean up as you go along! On these same lines, never take a bunch of equipment and keep it for yourself. If you still think you need all the equipment, stay prepared to share and let other people work in with you.

5. Don’t Disturb Anyone When Warming Up

Do not stretch when others are walking by


How would you feel if you were trying to find your way around the gym and you see a person setting up shop right in the middle of the gym’s walkway to warm up or stretch? Don’t be that guy or girl! Most gyms have a designated area where you can warm up or stretch. These areas are easily recognizable owing to the number of mats and foam rollers in place to make your job easier. If your gym doesn’t have one, just look for a good spot that isn’t in anyone’s way.

6. Be Considerate In The Water Fountain

Do not take up the whole water fountain when others need it

Don’t you feel frustrated about having to stand in line behind a person who’s filling his giant shaker or jug with water from the fountain when all you need is a little sip? Don’t be that guy or girl in your gym! If you’re filling up your bottle with water and there’s a person behind you who just needs a quick sip, just step aside for a moment and let the person drink first.

Most of these unwritten rules are based on 3 guiding principles – stay aware of your surroundings, be patient at all times, and act like it’s your equipment. While these principles may look simple, following them is a whole different ball game. However, if you do end up simplifying and following each rule, you’ll feel more confident, comfortable, and get the most out of your visit to the gym.