Ditch Working Out At A Gym For These 7 Outdoor Workouts

Working out in a gym day in and day out can become dull and dreary. That aside, gym memberships often burn a hole in your pocket and restrict you to very specific workouts. Want to break out of the monotony and mix things up a little? Here are 7 fantastic outdoor workouts that will leave you wanting more.

1. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Take to stand-up paddleboarding to improve your balance and engage your core muscles


If you’re looking to hit the ocean and try something different, take to stand-up paddleboarding. It’s an incredibly fun, effective workout that engages your core and improves your balance. And the best part is that it comes with the view of the serene ocean. You might fall a few times initially but it’ll eventually be worth it.

  • Start by placing your board in the water near the shore.
  • Stand on it and try to focus on your balance and core.
  • Use the paddle to move you in the direction you want to go while maintaining your balance.

2. Outdoor Yoga

Enjoy outdoor yoga amidst nature while breathing in fresh air


Enjoy yoga but tired of staying indoors? Take it outside. Yoga, which helps you exercise several of your muscles at once while calming your mind, when done outdoors can only be better for you. Breathing in the fresh air outside the four walls of your usual workout space while doing the poses is extremely relaxing and good for your body.

You could even go to your favorite beach and indulge in stand-up paddleboard yoga. This form allows you to enjoy the calm of the ocean while improving your flexibility and balance. However, try this only once you can manage stand-up paddleboarding by yourself.


3. Trail Running

Try trail running to improve your circulation and engage your muscles more

Let’s face it. Running can get boring if it happens on your treadmill or pavement every morning. Mix things up a little by running amidst nature. Trail running allows you to do this while engaging your muscles a lot more because of the uneven terrain. This improves circulation and gives your muscles the kind of workout they need, allowing you to burn more calories while running less.


4. Clean Jogging

Give clean jogging a shot for an intense workout and to do your bit for the environment

If you’re a bit of a neat freak, you’re to sure love this one. Clean jogging is a creative way to get you to jog a little bit more while tidying up your surroundings. Simply take a bag with you when you go jogging and stop to pick up any trash along your route. Keep going till your bag is full and you’ll be surprised at how good you feel at the end of it. You can try variations of this while walking and running too.


5. Hiking

Take to hiking regularly to burn extra calories and tone your muscles

Love that occasional hike in the hills? Make it a regular thing to build muscle and change up your workout routine. Head to the nearest hill and hike while breathing in fresh air and enjoying the sun. Trekking in areas with inclines for an hour regularly is said to tone your muscles and burn more than 350 calories.


6. Outdoor HIIT

Give yourself an intense workout with outdoor HIIT

If there’s a big enough space like a basketball or volleyball court around where you live, it’s the perfect place to get started with outdoor high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You could probably do a combination of sprints, lateral hops, and side shuffles along the outline of the court for about 15 minutes to give yourself an intense workout. Pick a time when the place is vacant to work out without any disturbances. You could even head to a park or any other favorite spot that you think would work for outdoor HIIT.


7. Rock Climbing

Try rock climbing for a challenging yet fun workout

A hot favorite among outdoor activities, rock climbing is perfect if you’re looking for a challenging workout while having fun. If you’ve never tried rock climbing before, start off at an indoor rock climbing gym to familiarize yourself with whatever you need to know and then attempt outdoor rock climbing. You’re likely to start off with a harness and then progress to rock climbing without one. Ensure that you have a qualified instructor to guide you through the process at all times.

Ditch the gym and try these great outdoor workouts. You’re sure to have the time of your life.