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Guava leaves can fight hair loss, dandruff, and premature hair graying.

Top 3 Reasons To Try Guava Leaves To Fight Your Hair Woes

Guava leaves can do wonders for your hair. Drink guava leaf tea or apply a decoction to your scalp to combat hair loss. A paste of guava and Ceylon olive leaves can also help tackle dandruff. Try a hair oil infused with guava leaves, curry leaves, and amla to counter premature graying.

Boost Your Hair Growth Naturally With Guava Leaves

You can say goodbye to your damaged hair and hair fall problems naturally with guava leaves. Rich in vitamins B and C and antioxidants, guava leaves can promote hair growth when boiled in water and massaged onto the scalp. Mix them with coconut oil, amla, and curry leaves and use the oil as desired.
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Benefits Of Guava Leaf Tea

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Guava Leaf Tea

Guavas are sweet summer fruits that are just as tasty as they are delicious. While its leaves are usually discarded, they’re slowly gaining recognition...

20 Healthiest Fruits For A Fitter You

Fruits provide us with a wide range of minerals, vitamins, fats, and phytonutrients. From healthier body tissues to preventing neurodegenerative diseases, when consumed on daily basis, each fruit boosts our health in its own way. Including fruits in our daily diet is the best bet.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Guava, The Wonder-fruit

Who doesn’t love guava? The crunchiness of the green skin, accompanied by the juiciness of the pink or white flesh inside would make anyone...

Can Guavas Improve Your Heart Health?

Guavas are tiny fruits with a rich nutritional profile. Its high vit C content and antioxidants like lycopene benefits the cardiac health by improving the lipid profile, reducing oxidative stress, and preventing inflammation in the arteries. The potassium and fiber in guavas helps control heart rate and maintain healthy blood pressure, thus reducing your risk of heart disease.
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20 Reasons Why Guava Is Truly The Ultimate Super Fruit.

20 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Guava

Guavas are plants in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus Psidium. Health Benefits of Guava include eye care, brain health, immunity booster, cancer cure, skin...

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