10 Amazing Benefits Of Guava, The Wonder-fruit

Who doesn’t love guava? The crunchiness of the green skin, accompanied by the juiciness of the pink or white flesh inside would make anyone drool. Not to mention the wonderful aroma this popular tropical fruit exudes. Besides its taste, guava has countless health secrets that makes it one of the top superfruits in the world. Here are 10 amazing benefits of guava you really need to know.

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1. Best Friend Of Diabetics


Guava has the ability to prevent and fight diabetes as it is rich in fiber and has a low glycaemic index. Consuming guava without the skin can reduce the absorption of sugar into the blood. Additionally, the high fiber content in guava can cure constipation, a common side effect faced by many diabetic patients.

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2. Keeps Cancer At Bay


The free radicals your body is exposed to every day can spike up the chances of you getting cancer. Guava is rich in vitamin C, lycopene, quercetin, and other polyphenols that act as antioxidants to curb free radicals and stop the growth of cancer cells in your system. Guava is primarily known to prevent prostate cancer and cut the risk of breast cancer due to its high lycopene content.

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3. Boosts Immunity


It is a widely known fact that vitamin C is important to keep our immunity strong. Guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C- it contains almost 4 times the vitamin C content present in oranges. Guava can enhance your immunity tremendously and keep you safe from many diseases and infections.

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4. Relieves Stress


You don’t need coffee or scented candles anymore to calm down- all you need is the goodness of guava. The high magnesium content in guava can help relax the nerves and muscles in your body, melting away all your worries. Additionally, guava would help battle the lethargy and lack of energy that is caused by stress and anxiety.

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5. Cures Cold And Cough


Due to the large amounts of vitamin C present in guava, it is the ideal fruit to cure numerous viral infections. Drinking the juice of raw guava or a decoction made of guava leaves and boiled water could cure colds and coughs by melting away the mucus and clearing the respiratory tract.

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6. Stimulates Brain


This amazing fruit is rich in niacin and pyridoxine, which are commonly known as vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 respectively. They help improve the blood flow to the brain, keeping it alert and focused, stimulating the thinking process and relaxing the nerves.

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7. Promotes Weight Loss


If you want to shed a few pounds, then guava is your ideal bet. You should be increasing your guava intake instead of starving yourself with crash diets. This superfruit will help improve your metabolism without compromising on your nutrient and fiber intake. It can also keep you full for a long time, preventing you from snacking unnecessarily. Additionally, guava is also known to have less sugar content than many other fruits including oranges, grapes, and apples.

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8. Keeps Your Skin Young


Guava is the best friend your skin could ever have. Packed with nutrients like vitamin A, C, and antioxidants like lycopene and carotene, guava can keep your skin free of wrinkles and dark spots. It also contains astringents that can improve the texture and elasticity of skin- all you have to do is apply a mixture of guava leaves and fruit to your skin.

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9. Benefits Pregnant Women


Guava is a fruit that could do wonders to the mother as well as the baby when consumed during pregnancy. Packed with vitamin B9 or folic acid, guava can help improve the nervous system of your baby and also prevent various neurological disorders.

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10. Improves Heart Health


This amazing fruit has the ability to regulate the potassium and sodium balance in your body, keeping the blood sugar levels under check. Guava also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Additionally, it also helps patients who suffer from hypertension by helping them stay calm and relaxed.