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health issues that trouble most men

7 Most Annoying Men’s Health Issues And How To Fix Them

Just like women, men too have their share of health issues ranging from hair loss to prostate cancer. While there are some serious issues...
(can't sleep as well as you used to)

Sleep More Deeply By Adding These 6 Things To Your Nighttime Routine

Can there be anything more precious than being able to slip into bed and instant drift off to sleep? You deal with stress through...

6 DIY Foot Scrub Recipes To Soften Your Feet

Foot scrubs are easy to make at home, using the ingredients around you. Sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds, essential oils, baking soda, olive oil, or coconut oil can be used as ingredients for your DIY foot scrubs. Using them before you shower is an effective way to clean your feet and also moisturize them and remove dead skin. Using them twice or thrice in a week will make your feet healthy and free from germs.
causes of cracked heels

7 Possible Causes Of Cracked Heels

Obvious culprits for cracked feet are dry skin and increased pressure on your feet, from standing for long periods. Being overweight or using shoes which open in the back and fail to support your feet properly can also put your feet under extra pressure. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot, and juvenile plantar dermatosis can cause cracked skin too. A sunburn may also result in peeling skin on the feet and heels.

16 Creative Ways To Repurpose Used Teabags

Are you a tea-lover and can’t do without your two to three mugs a day, to keep you going? And the result - lots...
simple ways to prevent athlete's foot

7 Helpful Tips To Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a very common fungus infection found mostly on the feet. You can prevent it by keeping your feet clean and dry at all times because the fungus thrives in a moist atmosphere. Pat dry the feet and between the toes after a wash and use foot powder to keep the area dry. Avoid walking barefoot in public areas like shower rooms in pools and gyms. Keep the interiors of the shoes dry and change socks more often.
Reflexology: Massaging Points On Your Feet Improves Health

Reflexology: Massaging Points On Your Feet Improves Health

Many ailments and aches can be effectively treated or cured by massaging specific points on the palms and the soles of our feet. This technique is called as reflexology. The soles of our feet are divided into five distinct zones and each zone corresponds to a particular organ. By applying pressure on these specific pressure points, we can relieve aches and cure diseases.

11 Running Do’s And Don’ts That Are Essential For Beginners

To prevent injury and get the most out of your run, follow these tips. When starting to run, start slow and then pick up the pace. Try to choose different trails and routes. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Don't eat a big meal or skip warming up before you run. Don’t forget to replace your shoes when they lose traction. Don't take long strides and avoid landing on your heel.
Dry skin

5 Pesky Dry Skin Problems And Remedies

Crazy work schedules, constant deadlines, and never-ending targets can take a toll on our health and skin. One problem that can arise from our...
causes of athlete's foot

Causes Of Athlete’s Foot You Must Watch Out For

Athlete's foot is a common skin infection of the feet caused by fungi. Though many kinds of fungi can be responsible, Trichophyton rubrum, Epidermophyton floccosum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes account for the majority of cases. A genetic predisposition, dermatitis, excessively sweaty feet, shoes that don’t let your feet breathe, weakened immunity, and poor circulation of blood in your feet can up your risk. So can activities like running or swimming.
home remedies to treat athlete's foot

7 Home Remedies To Treat Athlete’s Foot Naturally

Natural remedies for athlete’s foot include tea tree oil, ozonized sunflower oil, and vinegar. You can also soak affected feet in a foot bath medicated with crushed garlic, cinnamon, or black walnut hulls. Wearing socks made of fabric impregnated with germicidal copper oxide has also been found to ease symptoms.

5 Hidden Health Risks In Daily Routines

When you do things out of habit, that doesn’t mean they’re safe. For example, wearing flip flops and heels increases the risk for injury. They don’t offer enough support for your feet. If you text while walking, break the habit. It limits your awareness of traffic and people. Avoid cleaning your ears with cotton swabs since you can easily puncture your drums. Do you work on the computer? Take frequent breaks to avoid poor eyesight and posture.

6 Quick Fixes For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of bodily changes. An expanding belly is not the only one. As the baby grows, your muscles might begin to feel the strain of the baby's weight. The growing uterus starts to put pressure on the main veins in the leg. And this is one of the prime reasons for leg cramps during your second and third trimesters. A few easy-to-do exercises, supplements, and positional changes will help soothe your cramps.

Signs Of An Ankle Ligament Injury And Its Management

Sprained or torn ankle ligaments are the primary cause of ankle pain. Ligament injuries can be of three degrees based on the severity. Pain, swelling, bruising, inability to move and stiffness are associated with an ankle injury. It's important to rest and support the affected ankle. Often recovery takes 4-6 weeks depending on the degree of ligament injury.

Give Yourself An Awesome Massage Based On The Troubled Spots On Your Body

A busy life stops us from taking a break to relax our body and mind. We never spare time to nurture an injury. Our...