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right way to drink water per ayurveda

The Right Way To Drink Water According To Ayurveda

Leonardo Da Vinci has rightly said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Water is the source of energy. Up to 60% of...

Here’s The Right Way To Shampoo Your Thick Mane

Having beautiful and thick hair is everyone’s dream. But not all of us are bestowed with them. If you happen to be blessed with...

11 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Young And Healthy

To keep your hair looking young, avoid over-shampooing. Condition every time you wash your hair. When you rinse out conditioner, use cold water to seal the pores. Protect your scalp from the sun as well. Avoid tight hairstyles to prevent hair loss. If your hair is thinning try a biotin supplement to get things growing again. These practices keep your hair looking shiny, luscious, and soft.
Cold water and warm water both have benefits.

Cold Water Vs. Hot Water: Which Should You Drink For Better Health?

For better digestion, skin care, and higher metabolism, warm water is best. In fact, it's also great for relieving congestion when you have a cough or cold. Cold water, on the other hand, is great for post-exercise rehydration because our bodies absorb cold water better when dehydrated. It's also the best in warmer weather to decrease body temperature and prevent water loss through sweating.
Everything You Need To Know About Atrial Flutter

All You Need To Know About Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter occurs when the heart beats faster than usual. Palpitations, fast pulse rate, breathlessness, chest pain, and dizziness are common symptoms. Valsalva maneuver, deep breathing, cold water baths, vigorous exercises, and eating heart-healthy foods can treat heart palpitations. Keep your heart healthy by avoiding caffeinated foods/drinks, alcohol, and too much sugar.
Natural Methods To Prevent Daytime Drowsiness

Natural Methods To Prevent Daytime Drowsiness

Daytime drowsiness is annoying and can negatively impact your work schedule, affecting your productivity. Daytime drowsiness causes lethargy and loss of concentration on the task leaving you unable to think clearly. Natural methods to prevent and cure daytime drowsiness include simple diet modifications and lifestyle changes. Following a regular sleeping pattern, exercises, yoga and meditation can help overcome daytime drowsiness.

9 Things That Men Must Know About Shaving

Shaving is a personal hygiene activity that most men do. But, they may not be doing it right and end up having skin problems. Men who shave must know about the right kind of razor and the ideal type of shaving cream to use. It is also important to use an effective aftershave and a moisturizer that can help keep the skin healthy and soft. Here are 9 things that men should know about shaving.

6 Unconventional And Effective Ways To Burn Calories

Burning calories is on everyone's mind. While dieting and exercising are the primary ways, there are some unusual ways that take you by surprise. Some of them include drinking cold water, exposing yourself to cold temperatures, chewing a gum, donating blood, fidgeting, and laughing often.
Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy.

8 Great Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair growth can be improved by keeping it healthy. To do so, one must improve one’s diet to include protein, dairy and omega-3 fatty acids. One must also remain hydrated. Use natural conditioners and avoid heat so as to keep hair moisturized. Rinse hair with cold water to seal in moisture. Allowing it to dry out will make it brittle and cause breakage. Underlying conditions may also cause hair fall which may or may not be reversible.

8 Natural Ways To Treat Anemia

Iron-deficiency is just one of the causes of anemia. A vitamin D, vitamin B-12, or a vitamin C deficiency could also lead to anemia. To treat anemia naturally, eat foods rich in iron, vitamin D, B12, C, and vitamin D. Sunbathing and cold baths can also help relieve symptoms of anemia. Also, it is important to exercise regularly or perform yoga, as they can be helpful in the treatment of anemia. Using certain Ayurvedic herbs can also reduce anemic symptoms.

Cold Water Or Warm Water – Which Is Better To Drink?

The first thing that people living in sunny regions do to quench their thirst is to open the refrigerator and reach for that bottle...
how to heal a burnt tongue

How To Heal A Burnt Tongue: 10 Tips For Quicker Relief

For a quick fix, try sucking on an ice cube or licking a popsicle. A mouth rinse with ice cold water or simply eating a spoonful of yogurt or honey may help too. To help the pain subside, sprinkle a pinch of sugar onto the burnt area and let it dissolve or apply a little aloe vera gel straight from the plant. Be sure to avoid any acidic or salty foods that can irritate a burn further.

7 Beauty Secrets To Make Your Hair Strong And Healthy

7 Beauty Secrets To Make Your Hair Strong And Healthy Tempted to buy that extremely expensive product to grow your hair faster or at least...

7 Simple Swimming Safety Tips All Parents Need To Know

Are your little one's going to dive in a pool? How do you take care of their safety? Swimming is a happy and recreational activity...
7 Tips to Burn Those Holiday Calories

7 Calorie Burning Tips To Lose Your Holiday Weight

Keep moving and stay active to burn more calories. Eat small meals every 2-4 hrs. Consume ‘healthy’ fats and drink cold water to increase your calorie burning potential. Weight training ensures fat burn during and after exercise. Include hot spices in your diet to boost metabolism. Increase protein as the body consumes more calories to break it down.