6 Unconventional And Effective Ways To Burn Calories

e all wish for a fit and healthy body and try to get rid of excess calories. A person with normal BMI usually loses around 1800–2200 calories every day without exercising. But, that is not enough. In order to maintain optimal health, one should lose calories, either by avoiding overeating or by following a regular exercise regime. While these two are the most conventional ways, there are a few unusual ways to burn calories. We promise they are fun too!

6 Unusual Ways To Burn Calories

1. Drinking Cold Water

Cold water helps burn calories

Our bodies are 75% water. Water is necessary for hydration and carrying out various metabolic activities. What if we told you that cold water speeds up the metabolic process and in turn, burns calories at a faster rate? Yes, this fact is true!

A study was conducted on a small group of both normal and overweight people who consumed 500 ml of cold water every day (apart from normal 2–3 liters of

regular water). For the next 90 minutes, their metabolic rate increased by around 24–30%. This is because the body tries to bring down the temperature of the water to body temperature and then uses it for metabolic activities.

However, the results varied slightly from person to person, with a difference in their metabolic rates.

2. Donating Blood

Donating blood burns calories temporarily

You are doing a great deed donating your blood. What is surprising is that you are also burning your calories at a faster rate, when the blood is being drawn. Though temporary, you lose around 650 calories when 475 ml of blood is being drawn.

The other reason is, your body uses up extra energy to replenish the lost blood by synthesizing new blood components. Blood donation also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by increasing antioxidant benefits.

Though you cannot donate blood again before 3 months, it definitely helps you burn calories temporarily.

3. Exposing Yourself To Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures increase
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Our bodies consist of two types of fat – white and brown. While the white fat has negative effects like inflammation and insulin storage, brown fat imparts positive effects like burning calories and managing blood-sugar levels.

Overweight and obese people usually have fewer amounts and lesser active brown fat, hindering the process burning of calories. Studies show that exposing the body to cold temperatures of around 19-degree celsius triggered the conversion of white fat to brown fat. Although the number of calories burnt varied on an individual basis, on an average a person lost 164 extra calories.

The easiest way to do this is by taking a cold shower and lowering the temperature in your home. Taking a stroll in cold weather is also a good option.

4. Chewing A Gum

Chewing gum helps burn calories

Studies show that chewing a gum increases the metabolism and burns more calories, when done for 20

minutes after every meal. It promotes the feeling of fullness and avoids overeating. When chewed between each meal, it reduces one’s craving for snacks, which are the major calorie culprits. However, make sure you chew a sugar-free gum to reap the benefits to the fullest.

5. Laughing

Laughing enhances metabolism

Did you know that your metabolic rate increases by 20–30% every time you laugh? In addition to this, it also boosts your physical and mental health, by improving your immunity, memory, and cardiovascular function. Get together with friends more often or watch a humorous movie, to make laughter a daily routine.

6. Fidgeting More

Fidgeting aids in burning calories

Fidgeting, though might seem annoying, surprisingly results in burning of calories. It falls under the category of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which are subtle movements that increase your metabolism. Playing with rings, bouncing your legs while seated, playing with

hair, or tapping fingers without any purpose are some of the examples.

Studies show that people who fidget burn 5–6 times more calories compared to people who stand or sit still. Due to this, many healthcare experts are now suggesting fidgeting for increasing metabolism and avoiding weight gain. Strange, but true!

Though in a rare way, these unusual methods do add to the total calorie burnt on daily basis. Practice these along with your regular diet plan and exercise routine to see the difference at a faster rate.