Here’s The Right Way To Shampoo Your Thick Mane

Having beautiful and thick hair is everyone’s dream. But not all of us are bestowed with them. If you happen to be blessed with thick, long hair, then you will surely know the effort it takes to keep it healthy and looking great. And more than anything else, it’s washing your thick locks that takes a lot of energy and time. Let’s take a look at a few quick and easy tips to wash your thick mane so that it doesn’t seem like such a big chore every time and you’re ready to flaunt your thick mane shining with good health.

Start With A Rinse


Your hair needs to be thoroughly wet before you use shampoo on it. You will need to allow the water to run for at least 2 minutes to saturate your hair. Wetting your hair thoroughly will make sure that the shampoo lathers better and you will find it easier to work through your hair if it is saturated with water. Using warm water for this will open up the cuticles, which will help remove any dirt or hair products from the hair. Loosening up of the cuticles with warm water will also ensure that your hair is able to absorb the oil from the conditioner.

Condition Your Long Mane First

This might seem surprising, but if you happen to have long hair, it might be a good idea to run a small amount of conditioner through your hair to protect the ends from getting dried out. Rinse them lightly after this before you apply shampoo. This will keep the ends of your hair healthy and will also seal any holes in the cuticle with moisture, making your hair smooth, shiny and protected.

Divide The Hair Into Sections And Shampoo Gently

While washing your hair, always treat it like you would treat a delicate piece of silk cloth that you’re hand-washing. Friction can damage your hair’s cuticles which can then lead to breakage and frizz. For hair that is thick, dividing it into sections while washing, makes it easier to wash the hair and also ensures full coverage while shampooing.
Divide your hair into three sections with a comb, with two of the sections combed right over your ears and one section right in the middle.

Use a dime-sized amount of shampoo, diluted a little and work it into a lather in the three sections one by one. Lather at the roots first with medium pressure. This will increase the blood flow to the scalp. Circular motions need to be avoided as they’ll tangle the hair. Move on to the ends of the hair using gentle, straight strokes. The ends of the hair are fragile and shouldn’t be scrubbed hard. Leave the shampoo in the hair for a minute before rinsing it off thoroughly until the water runs clear.

Don’t Use The Shampoo Twice

Despite popular belief, it’s not a great idea to shampoo your hair twice. Shampooing it again will strip the hair of all the oil and leave it dry and lifeless. The only time when you will need to shampoo a second time should be if your hair is extremely dirty and there’s no lather when you shampoo the first time around.

Apply Conditioner From Mid-Length To The Tips Of Your Hair

Once you have finished rinsing out the shampoo from your hair, squeeze the water out of your hair before you apply the conditioner. Once you’ve applied the conditioner, clip your hair into a bun on top of your head and finish showering. The longer the conditioner stays on your hair, the better it is for your hair, which is why it is a good idea to leave rinsing the conditioner for later and do it at the end of your shower. Also, don’t apply conditioner to the roots of your hair, as they get inundated anyway with the natural oils from the scalp.

Use Cold Water For The Final Rinse

Using cold water will make sure all the cuticles are tightly shut, and seal the outer layer of your hair. The sealed surface will then reflect the most light and give a healthy shine to your hair.