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How To Naturally Fight Cavities And Prevent Them

There are several natural ways to fight cavities. Coconut oil can be used in a process called oil pulling to pull out bacteria. Clove oil is popular as an antibacterial and a painkiller. Aloe vera and turmeric can be effective as mouthwashes. Tea is also great for maintaining dental health. To prevent tooth decay, avoid sugary foods, carbonated soft drinks, and refined carbohydrates.

5 Diet Mistakes That Won’t Help Your Weight Loss Goals

Common dieting mistakes can stand in the way of you and weight loss. Avoid skipping breakfast and other meals, because you’ll just feel hungrier later on. Don’t skip all carbs and fats! These essential macronutrients are needed for overall health, so choose “good” sources to support weight loss. Refrain from drinking liquid meals. The act of chewing burns calories, while whole food offers high-quality nutrients. Ditch the diet soda to prevent sugar cravings from growing.
Science Unearths Truths About Carbohydrate Consumption

Is Eating Carbs At Night As Bad As They Say?

Rumor has it that eating carbs at night is terrible for the body. The idea is that extra carbs are stored as fat, since metabolism slows down during sleep. In reality, it also increases as the night goes on, so overall metabolism is similar to the daytime. Plus, not all carbs are equal, and complex ones will actually help weight loss. Heavy, greasy foods shouldn’t be eaten before bedtime, along with salty snacks.
Several Factors Determine Muscle Gain

How Much Muscle Can You Actually Gain?

There’s a healthy way to gain muscle, just like losing weight. Genetics play a part with factors like satellite cells, which are linked to muscle growth, and distribution of muscle fiber type. You’ll also be able to work out harder if you have a high VO2 max, the maximum capacity of oxygen consumption during physical activity. Aerobic exercise is the best way to boost it! Ultimately, gaining 1 to 2 pounds of muscle a week is safest.
A vegetarian diet should be planned well to make it healthy

5 Habits Every Vegetarian Should Always Avoid

Ditching meat may be a smart move, but that doesn’t mean every vegetarian diet is healthy. Eating starchy carbs is a setup for hunger and high blood glucose, so eat whole grains. Protein deficiency is a common risk but don’t depend on fake meat and go for nuts, beans, and lentils. Enjoy fruits for their fiber and vitamins. Snack smart and steer clear of food that’s processed, sugary, and salty.
foods that help you sleep better

6 Types Of Foods You Should Eat For A Goodnight Sleep

If falling asleep is a quite a task for you, it's high time you customized your diet. Before you go to bed, make sure you have calcium like foods like milk or magnesium-rich foods like spinach or dark chocolate. Even tryptophan-containing foods like pumpkin seeds can induce sleep faster due to its action on melatonin and serotonin. High carbohydrate foods are also good at making you sleep better.
Weight-loss programs can be hampered by certain mistakes we make

6 Blunders That Hinder Your Weight-Loss Journey

We often start with a weight-loss program and try our best to drop a few pounds. However, there are times when we or our...

7 Carbs That You Can Eat While On A Diet

Carbs are not always the enemy that we make it out to be. These foods can be great sources of carbs along with essential nutrients and minerals. Foods like corn, banana, quinoa, squash, barley sweet potato, and peas provide fiber as well as vitamins A, E, B vitamins, and minerals like manganese, iron, copper, and some antioxidants.
our body needs carbs to fuel it for the different activities it performs during the day

5 Reasons You Should Be Loading Up On More Carbs

If you are working out or have been on a diet in order to lose weight, then it is certain that you have been...
You must start eating healthy as soon as possible.)

Start A Healthier Diet Today By Following These 6 Rules

We often ask our family doctors or nutritionists for dietary advice and what to do to stay fit and healthy. It has been found...
Balance your diet with fats and carbs

This Is Why Carbs Are More Dangerous Than Fats

Carbohydrates and fats both get a bad rap, but the impact of carbs is stronger. A 2017 study found that high-carb diets are linked to a higher mortality rate than high-fat diets. Interestingly, the findings were consistent despite the type of fat. Aim for a moderate intake of both macro-nutrients. When you do eat carbs, eat "good" sources like brown rice, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and oats.
Eat a properly balanced meal after an intense workout

Eat These 3 Things After An Intense Workout

To recover after a hardcore workout, focus on specific nutrients. Protein is needed to repair muscle cells, while carbs re-energize the body. This combination of protein plus carbs also reduces muscle damage and soreness. To replenish electrolytes lost through the sweat, reach for a sports drink to prevent dehydration. A sample post-workout meal includes a whole grain wrap with leafy greens, chicken breast, and hummus, along with a handful of unsalted almonds.
Healthy and glowing skin can be obtained with simple lifestyle changes

7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy For Life

Want glowing skin that lasts a lifetime? Focus on everyday habits, like staying hydrated and using SPF even when it’s cloudy. Eat for skin health by consuming probiotics and avoiding refined carbs. To help the skin regenerate and stay strong, aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Quitting smoking will also stop pre-mature aging. If you wear makeup, opt for natural products and always wash it off before bedtime.
Not all carbs are bad for you

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Carbs In Your Diet

If you've been looking to lose weight quickly, chances are you've been asked to cut out the carbs from your meals. Low-carb diets are the latest trend in weight loss, but they miss out on the fact that not all carbs are the same. To lose weight effectively, you should know the difference between good and bad carbs so you can maintain a healthy diet that contains all vital nutrients in the right form and quantity.
Each variant rice differs in color, texture, and carbohydrate content from another.)

The Good And Bad Carbs Found In Different Varieties Of Rice

Different types of rice contain different amounts of carbohydrates. There are also the good and bad types of carbohydrates which most of us are...