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Headaches are common, and some forms can be treated

8 Most Common Types Of Headaches

The head is one of the most common sites of pain in the body. A headache doesn't just have to be localized to the...

Is It Safe To Drink Decaf Coffee While Breastfeeding?

Decaf coffee has very little caffeine compared to regular coffee. An 8-ounce cup has about 7 mg, depending on the brand. It’s a great way to make sure you stay under the daily recommendation of 300 mg or less. And if you’re longing for caffeine? Decaf coffee will satisfy your craving while breastfeeding. It’ll even treat your body to powerful antioxidants that can fight free radicals. Some newborns are sensitive to caffeine, so pay attention while drinking decaf.

7 Tips For Moms Who Are Going Through PPD

Postpartum depression can be really hard to deal with, especially considering your current life circumstances. You might want to be overjoyed and take care...

8 Steps To Get The Flawless Skin You Always Wanted

What’s the first thing people notice about you? It’s almost always your skin. And who doesn't love an even-toned, blemish-free appearance? Makeup can help but...
Health Benefits Of Caffeine

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Caffeine?

Caffeine’s most popular benefit is increased energy levels. It also enhances focus by improving the communication between different parts of the brain. You’ll feel happier and less stressed, thanks to caffeine’s ability to boost dopamine and serotonin, two “feel good” neurotransmitters. The analgesic effects of this drug can also treat pain, especially in the form of headaches. Additionally, caffeine stimulates thermogenesis and reduces appetite, resulting in weight loss.

Healing Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Adrenal fatigue is the term to define fatigue and other symptoms in people who are under mental, physical, and emotional stress. It is said...

8 Ways Your Body Changes After You Quit Caffeine

1. You’ll Have More Energy This might seem counterintuitive since caffeine is a stimulant, but this is exactly why caffeine can actually drain you of...

6 Top Tips For A Safe Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? If yes, there are chances that you are confused with the endless information on pregnancy. You get...
Pregnancy: 7 Precautions You Should Take During Your First Trimester

7 Precautions You Should Take During Your First Trimester

Finding out about your pregnancy makes you feel happy and anxious at the same time. Being pregnant is a wonderful life-changing experience. It requires...

8 Things Not To Do When Trying To Conceive

Having a baby demands a change in lifestyle, be it quitting smoking, or just sleeping well at night. If your efforts to conceive are...

6 Foods To Avoid For Better Kidney Health

Can I have a show of hands, please? How often do you think of your kidneys and how healthy are they? That’s what I...

5 Things You Might Be Addicted To, But Do Not Know It

Are all addictions bad? The term addiction is usually used when someone is addicted to a harmful substance but an addiction can either be...

The Vices Of A Can Of Fizz

Think twice or a hundred times before you stretch out your hand to grab a can of soda. Learn how a feeling of fleeting relief can cost your health big time.

Coffee, The Better Health Drink

A potent neurostimulant and diuretic, coffee can trigger anxiety, sleep disorders, heartburn, mild dehydration, and aging. However, moderate coffee consumption has no serious health repercussions. In fact, it is a rich source of immunity-boosting antioxidants and nutrients (B vits, potassium, manganese). Limit to 2-3 cups of coffee a day and use healthy sweeteners like honey.

Whats Healthier – Green Tea Or Black Tea?

Fans of both types of tea would argue that they are healthier than a sugary milk tea. Green tea gives your metabolism a bigger boost, while black tea is richer in caffeine making it the better sleep antagonist. Both teas are at par when it comes to antioxidants due to similar polyphenol content. Catechins in green tea and theaflavins in black tea promote heart and liver health and prevent cancers.