8 Ways Your Body Changes After You Quit Caffeine

1. You’ll Have More Energy


This might seem counterintuitive since caffeine is a stimulant, but this is exactly why caffeine can actually drain you of your energy. Imagine you drink a mug of coffee a few hours before bed. When you tuck in, you still can’t sleep because you’re reeling under the effects of caffeine and so you stay up till late at night. The next morning, you’re tired and cranky because you’ve have a very short, disturbed sleep, so you reach out for another coffee to make you feel better. Quitting caffeine will help you sleep better so you will have a lot more energy during the day.

2. You Will Have A Smile Makeover


One of the tell tale signs of a chronic caffeine addict are the stains on their teeth. The acidic nature of coffee corrodes the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to staining. Once this is done, the tannins in caffeine go in and wreak damage by staining your teeth yellow. Even worse, if you get your caffeine fix in the form of aerated drinks, the high sugar content in them could cause tooth decay.

3. You’ll Be The Master Of Your Emotions


When your body becomes agitated, a rush of adrenaline into your body prepares it for fight or flight and controls your emotional responses. The same chemical reaction also occurs when you drink caffeine, but in this case, it serves no evolutionary purpose. Have you ever found yourself jittery and impatient with colleagues after your afternoon coffee? Giving up caffeine for good could help you be a much more rational person and have greater control over your emotions.

4. Your Bathroom Trips Will Become Less Frequent


As anyone who has had a badly timed coffee stop during a road trip knows, caffeine can be a pretty effective laxative. Caffeine speeds the digestive system and stimulates the colon, leaving you running to the nearest restroom. Caffeine is also a highly acidic substance, so drinking too much of it could corrode your stomach’s lining over time.

5. You Will Lose Weight


If you get a lot of your daily caffeine intake in the form of sodas, giving it up could help you shed those pounds faster. Black coffee doesn’t have as many calories, but when you add sugar, milk and a creamer to it, that calorie count goes right up. So if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and are frustrated, it’s probably time you gave up caffeine

6. Your Skin Could Improve


Put simply, anything acidic is bad for your body. When you’re drinking several cups of coffee a day, its acidic nature messes up your hormones. Your stress hormones are overproduced, your skin becomes oilier and the clogged pores finally manifest as a big red pimple. If you suffer from acne prone, tired skin, give your morning joe a miss and see how your skin improves.

7. You Might Have Trouble Concentrating


When you’re deep into your caffeine dependency, only a cup of coffee can help you concentrate on your work. Giving it up could make you lose focus and decrease your productivity at work. However if you power through the initial difficulties, your body will soon get used to not having caffeine and will reprogram itself into becoming more productive. Even better, your new found energy won’t come crashing down by mid-morning, but instead will last throughout the day.

8. You’ll Feel Terrible Initially


All these excellent benefits of quitting caffeine do come with a catch though: for the first few weeks you won’t be reaping any of them. In fact because your body is so dependent on caffeine, you’ll suffer from pretty serious withdrawal symptoms at first. Your mood will be crabby, you will feel fatigued and you won’t be able to concentrate on much else. But after the initial hump, your craving will end for good and your body will start becoming a lot more healthy than it was before.