5 Detox Steps Everyone Must Follow

The best way to detox is to support your body’s natural cleaning process. Eating organic produce free of pesticides, drinking adequate water, juices to stay hydrated, sleeping well, exercising, and consuming bisphenol A (BPA) free products will help to naturally cleanse the toxins from your body.1

You can reduce your exposure to toxins and flush out toxins that have already accumulated in your body before they cause inflammation and many other diseases like cancer.2 Here are some ways you can naturally flush out toxins from your body.


1. Eat Pesticide-Free Organic Produce

Oragnic food is devoid of all pesticide residue

Even if you have been leading a healthy, clean lifestyle, it is likely you have some toxicity in your body. A good thorough detox is helpful to clean your body, lighten the load on your detoxifying organs and to provide a base for a healthy lifestyle. The types of food that you consume can make you vulnerable to several diseases.


Non-organic produce is laden with pesticides and unnatural substances that can cause many serious health issues in the long run. An organic plant-based food comprising of fruits and veggies is a critical component of cleansing. Eat organic and unprocessed foods which nourish the body with nutrients like vitamins and minerals that have excellent antioxidant effects such as spices like turmeric.

Foods that support the liver like beets, artichoke, ginger, onions, cabbage and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and fiber-rich foods to keep your liver and colon healthy.3


2. Drink Adequate Water And Juices

Water is the best way to flush out toxins from the body

Your body is almost three-fourths water. Water bathes all of your cells and can carry toxins away from the internal organs and take them out of the body. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in liters of water daily.4
Juices also replenish the water content in the body and can keep you hydrated and aid in weight loss.


Instead of eating a snack that can burden your liver why not have a liver cleansing raw juice? Try carrot, cabbage, cucumber, beet, apple, orange, spinach and fresh ginger root in various combinations. You can also add small amounts of fresh green herbs, red onion or garlic to the juice for added health benefits.

If you have a sensitive stomach or want to increase fluid intake daily, dilute the juices with extra apple, pear, melon or filtered water or ice cubes for a refreshing drink. Citrus fruits have antioxidant benefits and a glass of citrus juice per day is adequate to boost your immunity and flush out the toxins from your body.5


3. Use Chemical And BPA Free Products

Consume products free of chemical substances

The best way to detox your body is to stay away from harmful chemicals that can form free radicals in the body causing inflammation and diseases like cancer. The inhalation of cleaning products has been shown to trigger asthma attacks, allergies, respiratory damage and wheezing, cause nose and eye irritation, induce reproductive, and developmental toxicity.Clean up your environment and home from chemicals and toxins. Try to follow these steps for a healthy and clean body.

  • Use natural chemical-free products for your personal hygiene, cosmetics, home care, and laundry.
  • Use do-your-own recipes to prepare cleaning and laundry liquids.
  • Avoid plastics in any form to reduce exposure to BPA that are very harmful to health.
  • Use metallic, glass or steel containers for home storage.
  • Look for labels such as organic, biodegradable, natural, green and CFC-free to ensure the product’s safety and purity.

Read cleaning product labels to identify harmful ingredients like triclosan, sodium hydroxide, chlorine, ammonia and the like.6

4. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleeping willautomatially flush toxins out of the body


Sleeping well is a very important process, and you need atleast 6-10 hours of sleep each day to ensure adequate rest for the body. Sleeping poorly is a huge stressor. It leads to increased appetite, and it throws the hormonal symphony out of balance.7

Also, keep away from gadgets and electronic devices that can disturb your sleep. Ensure the intake of food that can support deep sleep. Adequate protein and healthy fat intake can help stabilize blood sugar through the night and allow the liver to let out stored sugar molecules as needed for a good night’s sleep. These foods can also support the healthy production of brain neurotransmitters creating calming results in the body.8

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercising helps flush out the toxins from the body through sweat

A sedentary life can cause harm to your health as the body doesn’t find a way to flush out toxins from the bloodstream through sweat glands. Exercise enhances circulation of the body fluids and promotes sweating. It also enhances the body’s metabolism helping the body to work more efficiently.

It helps to drain the lymphatic system as the lymph functions to detoxify the spaces between your cells which are the major harboring sites for toxins and waste products. Get outdoors for fresh air and natural sunlight. Aim for an exercise regimen for at least 30-45 minutes a day. Include aerobic and breathing exercises for a perfect detox routine.9

Once you have made the above list part of your daily lifestyle, you have provided your body with the primary support that it needs to do the work that it naturally does. Your body will be more efficient at eliminating toxins. You will probably notice that you feel a lot better within a relatively short period incorporating these lifestyle practices. Eat, sleep and exercise to establish intense detoxification in your body.