To Heal Your World, Heed Your Words

Let’s be practical and mystical at the same time. How? Let’s see if we can put things in the correct words. Just the fact that we say that we ‘put things in words’ is really clarifying what actually happens. There is hidden energy in each word. It’s in fact not hidden inside the word as such because different people release different energetic connections from the same words.

The energy is hidden inside our ‘mind’ where all the other information is stored. We have a lot of memories and ‘stuff’ hidden deep inside our brain or mind or whatever you can understand with comfort.


Freedom Of No Thoughts

For example, doubts are the language of fear and past traumatic memories. A day does not pass by when we say only nice things inside our own mind. There is a lot of stuff and words are one of the forms of our ability to code experiences. Until we learn to speak and then write and read, we are ‘free’. We are free from beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve us. We lived in the moment, enjoying the feelings and emotions that were present in our bodies while we were doing something and being someone.

However, the moment we learn a language, whatever language that is that we start our life with, we start to form concepts and limitations in our conscious mind and so forth saving them in our greater brain. The way we comprehend existence and individual experiences is coded in language, pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells.


We learn by observation, by being in the moment, by playing. Once we start to accept other people’s beliefs and make them our own, we form our own portrait of the world around us.

Words And Their Energy

So back to words and their energy. The fact that there is energy in words is undeniable. Even if it’s hard to grasp as a concept, at first, you will get to understand it in a moment.

  • “You are a moron!”
  • “I hate you” “You never do anything right”
  • “You never do anything right”
  • “I love you”
  • “You made my life meaningful”
  • “You are beautiful”

Now, you might come to understand what I am talking about. If not, here it is.

The difference between these statements is not in its syllables. They all used the same alphabet to start with. They are ‘just words’. However, when you read the statements you likely had a feeling attached to your thought processes. So that is what I mean. The energetic reference was to the feeling associated with each word or statement.


Different Experiences

There are a variety of us out here, and each of us has individual experiences and upbringing, which form our beliefs and values in life. What one finds easy to believe, another finds hard to comprehend and so discards it as invalid or silly.

Now, learning about energetic connections between or in words can be massively liberating. Once you are aware of the possible power of destruction or possible power to heal of our language, you are in better charge of your life experience.


You can become conscious about your own vocabulary and the way you talk. Not only to others through the mouth, but also to yourself internally when there is nobody around.

And yes, I can prove that you do talk to yourself. Just now as you are reading my words you are very likely going through the process of internal repetition of the words you are reading. That’s in order to comprehend the meaning of them and to store the information inside your mind and body.


Another great example to prove that you are talking to yourself without speaking out loud is the fact that we all THINK. And what is a thought other than regurgitated words? Sometimes with a spark of an insight. However, that relates to intuition or sensory awareness than thinking as such.

So yes, your words are co-creating your reality as you know it. The more we understand the meaning of individual words that we speak, as well as what emotional charge they are attached to in our memory, we learn to empower our lives.


How To Be In Control Without Controlling

The way to create pleasant life experiences is not by trying to control all and everyone around us. The best way to go about this is to recreate our internal identity, our perceptions and reform our beliefs. To do such an internal cleaning takes some determination and readiness to change. Once you are ready, that is when you fully commit to the fact that you can change your life for the better by changing and redefining your own self, you will be in full charge.

It’s absolutely empowering to know from deep within that life is here for us. That we are able and capable of reaching self-realization by shifting the focus of our mind.

Step By Step Process For Transformation

Here is an example if you are wondering how to start this process of self-realization and cleaning out your language.

Become consciously aware and focused on what is happening inside your mind. Become detached from your thoughts, as you are not your thoughts. Create a gap between thinking and reacting. Be mind aware about your words to others and to yourself. You will find that with time you will be automatically become aware of this process and you will be able to do this with ease. Firstly, a focus is required to succeed. Then it happens on an autopilot and you will be transformed.

Also, once you are aware of the hurtful words that you might be using for others or yourself, you might want to stop there for a second and ask yourself this question: “What in my past has created this thought? Which experience has formed this emotional charge? How can I better express my feelings without using hurtful words?” Wait and see what comes to your mind.

After you are more aware of what goes on inside your mind, you move to the next step in the process. Create a daily practice of positive thoughts. The best I found so far are affirmations written by Louise Hay. There might be another source, but this one is very good, so I can personally recommend it.

Now, understand this. Affirmations don’t work unless you work them. So it’s up to you, really, to create the change in your mind so strong that you will be able to accept them at face value. Once you start writing and repeating aloud some new affirmations, you might come across resistance from your body-mind. Doubts and disbelief might pop up.

Just become aware of that. You don’t have to actually do much. Just be aware of your resistance and question its source. The rest is quite easy.

Enjoy the process of living in this marvelous existence.