Hana Rubinstejnova

My mission in life is to inspire and guide individuals who face challenges in their health or relationship, helping them to design the life they want. Qualified Life Coach (member of the International Coach Federation), certified NLP Master Practitioner and Psychosomatic Therapist specializing in Health and Relationship challenges. With life long interest in the area of optimal health and wellness with Certificate of Nutrition (Healthy Eating Principles) and still researching and absorbing more information in this area of interest. Involved in the event management of large health conscious community group in Brisbane called ‘Raw Food & Healthy Living‘ Group.

To Heal Your World, Heed Your Words

Our experiences have a way of manifesting in our speech. Unintentionally, we associate reminiscent feelings with particular words. Vow to be mindful of words you use for others and yourself. When responding to someone or a situation, pause to reflect on why you feel the way you do. Replace mean words with less hurtful ones. Train your mind to focus on positive feelings.

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