10 Common Ailments And Their Natural Cures

Alternative medicine has been around for centuries now and is finding an increasingly widespread acceptance with more research. Herbs, plant extracts, and animal products are used to treat a variety of conditions. But do you know the exact cures for specific ailments? Here’s a list of ten everyday ailments and their natural cures.

1. Borax And Turmeric For Acne

Using turmeric powder has seen to be effective for acne


Our least favorite condition is also the first on the list. One suggested remedy is the application of borax onto acne, which shows promise according to some research papers. Another fail-safe remedy with no side effects is the use of pure turmeric powder, made into a paste with water and applied to the affected area.1

2. Honey And Cinnamon For External Cuts And Wounds

External cuts and other wounds can be treated with honey


For cuts and scrapes, there are quite a few remedies available. You may consider applying honey, which also works wonders for ulcers.2 You can also apply a mixture of cinnamon and honey on the wound for faster healing.

3. Cabbage Juice Or Honey For Internal Bleeding

Cabbage juice treats internal bleeding


This can occur either due to piles and hemorrhoids or due to peptic ulcers. Internal bleeding can be treated very effectively by drinking cabbage juice for 40 days straight.3 Another remedy for hemorrhoids is the application of a mixture of honey, olive oil, and beeswax to the external area and perineum.4 Extracts of the acacia plant help stop any general internal bleeding.5

4. Betel Leaves For Boils

Betel leaves are effective to treat this as well


Boils that crop up in joints can be supremely painful. Betel leaves, also known as the “green gold of India,” are the traditional treatment for boils. Warm a betel leaf and place it on the boil for fast relief from pain and inflammation.6

5. Beeswax And Aloe For Mild Burns

Aloe gel is effective for burns and can be applied topically



Severe burns always need to be addressed at a hospital. Localized burns up to grade two can be treated with natural remedies. Propolis is a compound present in beeswax that can help in the treatment of such burns. Beeswax soothes the skin while propolis helps the burn heal faster.7 Be sure to clean the burn wound thoroughly before application as burn wounds are highly susceptible to infection.

Aloe is another well-known treatment option for burns. The gel from the leaf can be applied directly on to the wound.8


6. Betel Leaves For Bad Breath

Chewing betel leaves is an age old tradition that treats bad breath

Bad breath is a common enough condition. Yet, it seems like we don’t have a single, foolproof way to deal with it. Betel leaves again come into the picture. In fact, ancient Indians would chew betel leaves after a heavy meal to avoid bad breath.9 Bad breath can be a symptom of indigestion or another digestive issue, so the cause is worth investigating.


7. Ginger And Honey For A Cough And Common Cold

A common cold and cough can be solved with eucalyptus oil

There are literally hundreds of varieties of virus that can cause the common cold. One lifetime is simply not enough to build resistance to all of them. And this is why the common cold is so, well, common. For congestion, a ginger concoction can work wonders, as can steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.10 Honey can reduce a cough and soothe a sore throat while fighting off the infection in the body.11

8. Cumin And Fennel Seeds For Gas

Gas could be due to digestive issues and can be solved with cumin seeds

The formation of gas in the digestive system can be caused by several factors – constipation, indigestion, and thumb sucking in children. Whatever be the cause, a simple concoction of cumin seeds in water can help relieve gas. Another solid remedy is the chewing of fennel seeds. In fact, fennel seeds are a component in some of the most common anti-colic medicines.12

9. Datura Extract For Headaches

Herbal meds can be very effective against headaches

There is often no single remedy for headaches, and treatment depends on the cause. A variety of herbal paths can be used to treat headaches of different regions of the head. Extracts of datura and homeopathic medication are some commonly used medicines.13

10. Coriander, Cilantro, And Ghee For Rashes

Rashes can be treated with coriander

Quite common in childhood and relatively frequent in people who are outdoors most of the time, rashes can be of quite a few varieties. Hives are often the scariest, while prickly heat is much less intense, to begin with. Coriander can be ingested to ease the rashes, and the paste of cilantro leaves can be applied topically.14 For eczema, which is a systemic rash and inflammatory condition, Ayurveda recommends a 12-day routine involving medication, ghee, and full-body massages with medicated oils, known as Virechana or purgation therapy.15