Misunderstood terms about the heart

Healthy diet means eliminating:

1. toxic processed table sugar and hi fructose corn syrups – instead use stevia, beet sugar, coconut sugar


2.  table sat – instead use mineral salt – full of necessary alkalizing minerals – good for the heart and the whole body

3.  unhealthy fats (French fries, potato chips, ice cream, margarine, etc) – instead eat healthy fats: avocados, flax seed, hemp seed, salba/chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, etc; replace margarine with organic butter or ghee (margarine was designed to make cattle fatter, faster and is only one molecule away from being a plastic)

4.  fast foods (their *health items are often worse then the regular items) – instead eat real whole food: fruit, vegetables, organic meats, nut & seeds, etc

5.  pasturized, microwaved, processed foods –  instead eat real whole food: fruit, vegetables, organic meats, nut & seeds, etc

6.  GMO (genetically modified organisms) – instead eat real whole food – watch your labels

Healthy exercise means:

1.  walking every day – you don’t need to run; runners may be healthy in the short term, but in the long term they may get an enlarged left ventricle in the heart; deplete their glutathione; and wear out their joints; and die of a heart attack

2.  move, stretch, do yoga, Tai Chi, palletes, etc; – you don’t need to go to the gym & pump weights – our bodies were designed to move not to pump weights; now if your muscles are weak, you may need to do some weight lifting to build them back up again – but work at it slowly

3.  low cardio – again we don’t want to create an enlarged left ventricle in the heart – doing low grade cardio is great – but hi cardio work outs can cause lots of problems

Good muscles do burn more calories than fat but it is not as much as they would like you to think.  Regular movement is more important than intense movement – that doesn’t mean getting up off the chair and going to the bathroom!! Let’s get out there and go for a walk – do a little stretching – do some deep breathing – now you got it.