Misunderstood terms about the heart

Misunderstood terms about the heart
Misunderstood terms about the heart

Most people think of HEART FAILURE as a heart attack or as fatal when in fact it doesn’t mean that at all.  Heart failure means that the heart is failing to do what it should be doing, i.e., pumping blood.  The most common side effects are:  fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling in the legs.   Although these issues may be indicative of other issues as well.  Regardless, they need to be addressed.

Whether these conditions are indicative of heart failure or other cardio issues or other non-cardio issues they are manageable.   Medications are usually not the best bet – even the leading heart cardiologists are now recognizing that the medications are not the best route!!


Also identifying the underlying cause is very important:

  • inflammation
  • toxicity
  • allergies
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • blood deficiency (unhealthy nutrients in the blood)
  • nutrient deficiency:  glutathione, amino acids, good healthy omega fats, etc
  • cholesterol issues – note there are many types of HDLs and LDLs – don’t make your assumption on the simple ratios that an MD might provide
  • stress issues that may be causing issues with the adrenals that are the root of the problem
  • imbalance or deficiency in your microbiota

Abiding by a healthy diet, doing effective exercise and taking appropriate herbs and/or supplements strengthen the heart and cardio and liver and gut so that the body has a better capacity of absorbing the nutrients the needs; eliminating the toxins; and engaging in the 1001 activities that different cells and organs need to engage in to maintain optimal health.