12 Honey Combinations To Boost Your Health


A daily dose of honey not only delights your sweet tooth, but it also raises levels of disease-fighting antioxidants in the blood. It is a great natural source of carbohydrates which provides strength and energy to our body. Raw and unfiltered honey exerts positive effect on the body even when used in combination with other food items. Thus, we bring you 12 such powerful combinations of honey that work wonders on your health and beauty.


Nutritional Benefits Of Honey And Lemon



The magical combination of a glass of warm (not hot) water, juice of 1/2 a lime and one tea spoon of honey, early in the morning on an empty stomach is an ancient remedy for a plethora of maladies like constipation, weight loss, acidity, oral health e.t.c. Make sure to drink it fresh, and not to drink coffee or tea for at least one hour after drinking this mixture.

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Can Honey And Lemon Help Lose Weight?


Lemons help the body regulate the absorption of sugar and its abundant Vitamin C helps the body absorb calcium into its fat cells, which is critical to faster fat burn. The fiber, Pectin present in lemon peels converts into a jelly when it comes in contact with enzymes in your gut, increasing satiety, reducing cravings and overeating and reducing the absorption of sugar from the food you eat.


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Immunity Booster Honey Lemon Serum



Suffering from allergies, a cold or a flu or just general low immunity? Try this honey and lemon immunity serum and explore it’s potential benefits. Lemon provides the powerhouse antioxidant, vitamin C. Honey is amazing for immunity and it is also an antibacterial agent.

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Benefits Of Honey Lemon Water


The benefits of lemon multiply when it is consumed with lukewarm water and honey. Honey-Lemon water enhances metabolism, improves digestion, boosts your immune system, improves the absorption of nutrients, balances pH levels, clears your skin, promotes healing and weight loss.


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How Does Honey Water Aid Weight Loss?



Consuming honey can provide us with the sweetness that our taste buds need, and avoid the calorie binge by controlling our cravings for junk food. Combined with water, honey can be an effective weight loss tool.

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What Are The Benefits Of Honey Water?


Benefits of honey water, include the process of rejuvenating colon’s micro flora, and eliminating bacteria. When you first start drinking honey water, you will notice your waistline increasing but do not worry. This happens because fecal sediments swell, become softer and their process of exiting the body starts.

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Will Cinnamon Honey Drink Dissolve Unwanted Fat?


Consumption of Honey-Cinnamon mix in the morning on an empty stomach, increases your metabolic rate, burns fat faster and provides you with a steady supply of energy. In the evening, it can help you avoid night time cravings and also reduces hunger pangs by providing your stomach with some (healthy) substance to munch on.

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Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon: The Magic Mixture


The health benefits of honey and cinnamon include it’s ability to promote a stronger immune system, digestive system, increase the health of the heart, bones, skin, teeth, and hair, as well as stimulate weight loss. It also helps in relief from itching, and the improvement of arthritis symptoms.

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Benefits Of Honey And Garlic: Powerful Health Combo


Garlic and honey have natural antiseptic and healing properties that can benefit us. Mix garlic and honey together, and you will begin an adventure into a superb health journey which includes the striking uses of garlic for lowering cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

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Medicinal Garlic Honey Recipe


When infused in honey, raw garlic becomes far more palatable. So keep a jar of this on hand at all times. At the first sign of a sore throat, cold or flu, start popping honey infused garlic and try to eat one clove every hour or two all day long.


Does Drinking Milk With Honey Increase Sperm Count?


Ayurveda has been advising honey as a medication for problems of impotence and infertility. A drink of warm milk to which honey is added is believed to increase the sperm count from level zero to fertility level of over 60 million sperm count.

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Can Turmeric Honey Mix Cure Cold Flu Symptoms?


The combination of turmeric and honey, is known as Golden Honey which is a very effective natural remedy to treat ailments. Golden Honey is great for digestion and increases beneficial flora in the gut. According to ayurveda, Turmeric Golden Honey is the strongest antibiotic.

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Easy To Make Healing Honey-Turmeric Tonic Recipe


Honey-Turmeric tonic is restorative and preventative and has far reaching health benefits for everyone. It is effective in treating heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, inflammation and depression.

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Health Benefits Of Golden Turmeric Milk


Golden turmeric milk is an antiseptic and an analgesic, so it helps with pain relief. It is great for joint problems, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Stomach Upset? Try This Honey Recipe For A Happy Tummy


This simple herbal honey tea will calm an upset stomach and help you to relax. Cumin, coriander and fennel are all wonderful spices that help to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the digestive tract, thus enhancing digestion.

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Soothing Honey Ginger Cinnamon Tea Recipe For A Flu Free Winter


This recipe contains the goodness of ginger, cinnamon and honey, all of which can help your body stay warm and away from any sort of cold or flu this winter. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, honey soothes the throat and alleviates allergies while cinnamon adds great flavor.

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Refreshing Honey-Ginger Iced Tea To Counter Inflammation


This refreshing honey ginger ice tea aids digestion, is an effective blood thinner, reduces blood clotting, aids in menstrual discomfort, assists with good circulation and also lowers cholesterol.

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Honey-Aloe Vera

Alkaline Balancing Wonder Drink For Clear Skin


This drink has a good mix that will boost detoxification to give you clear skin. Aloe Vera soothes gut tissues, honey is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and mint eases digestion and is anti-inflammatory in nature.

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Quick 7 Day Waist Reducing Super Drink


This super drink has goodness of honey, and antioxidant and antibacterial properties of grapefruit that help reduce weight. It has healing effects on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, grapefruit contains a number of ingredients that help fight colds, and has been proven to prevent the occurrence of certain types of cancer and heart diseases.

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Honey-Essential Oils

Natural Body Cleansing With Honey


Mix up raw honey, castile soap and nourishing skin oil, and you have got a homemade honey body wash which is full of probiotics to invigorate your skin. It is perfect for sensitive or irritated skin too!


Honey And Lime Fruit Salad Recipe


This fruit salad is a healthy mix that takes only abut 10-15 minutes to put together. Apart from all the nutrition it will also subdue those sweet cravings you have every now and then.

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Healthy Kitchen Replacements: Honey-Fruit Spread Recipe


This homemade Honey-Fruit spread recipe can be used in peanut butter, jelly, sandwiches, on a piece of toast or in your favorite recipe to add a fruity sweetness.