Interesting Health Benefits Of Black Seeds And Honey

For centuries, ancient medicine has honored black seeds and honey. They’re like the rock stars of holistic healing. In fact, once you learn about the health benefits, you’ll want to stock your medicine cabinet. Black seed isn’t common in America. Instead, you can find it in Indian, Arabian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. This herb, which is also called black cumin – comes from the plant Nigella sativa.1

The benefits are so strong that it’s called ‘Habbat el Baraka’ or ‘Seeds of Blessing’ in Arabic. In old Latin, black seed is ‘Panacea’ or ‘cure all.'2 You’re probably more familiar with honey, another natural miracle. It’s

made by honeybees using the nectar of flowers. For more than 5500 years, humans have used honey as both food and medicine. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Mayans, and Greeks were just some of the people to use it.3 These days, black seeds and honey can still help you. Here’s how.

Benefits Of Black Seeds

1. Black Seeds Protect Liver Health

Black seeds help protect liver health

Your liver metabolizes everything that enters your body. So when you’re exposed to toxic metals and chemicals, it takes a major hit. Oxidative stress plays a big part. Thankfully, black seeds may lessen the harsh effects. They also protect the liver by increasing – and replacing – the lost antioxidants. Black seeds themselves have anti-oxidative properties.4

2. Black Seeds Prevent Cancer

Black seeds prevent cancer

Since black seeds are strong antioxidants, they can also ward off cancer. It’s all thanks to an active compound called thymoquinone. For example, Biochemical Pharmacology looked at how it affects breast cancer. Researchers found that thymoquinone decreases breast cancer genes, reduces inflammation, and acts on nuclear receptors that control disease. It can even fight tumors5 and cancer cells by damaging their DNA.6

3. Black
Seeds Enhance Immunity

Black seeds enhance immunity

The benefits of black seed stem from its immune-boosting talent. Specifically, thymoquinone has a therapeutic effect on major immune reactions. This is great news for common colds, chronic disease, and everything in between.7

4. Black Seeds Reduce Blood Pressure

Black seeds reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects 1 in 3 American adults. That’s about 75 million people in the country!8 Prescription drugs are always an option, but black seeds are more natural. They have a diuretic effect

that promotes sodium excretion through urine. As a result, there’s less pressure on the arteries.9

5. Black Seeds Decrease Anxiety

Black seeds decrease anxiety

Feeling stressed? Add black seeds to your diet. This herb has been used to fight anxiety for centuries. Repeated intake increases tryptophan, an amino acid that’s needed to make mood-boosting serotonin.10

6. Black Seeds Protect Brain Health

Black seeds protect brain health

Black seeds may help the brain even after brain damage. For instance, several animal studies looked at how it

affects cerebral ischemia. This condition develops when there isn’t enough blood flow to the brain. Amazingly, black seeds lessens the side effects. Researchers think these benefits are caused by its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.11

7. Black Seeds Lower Diabetes Risk

Black seeds lower diabetes risk

Diabetes is sweeping the nation. Every year, about 1.5 million Americans are newly diagnosed.12 To avoid joining the ranks, control your blood glucose with black seeds. A 2010 human study proved this benefit. Type 2 diabetics were given black seeds along with anti-diabetic medications. After 12 weeks, fasting and post-prandial blood glucose decreased.13

Benefits Of Honey

1. Honey Controls Appetite

Honey control appetite

Do you have a sweet tooth but want to lose weight? Replace white sugar with honey. This natural food increases the satiety hormones like leptin and peptide YY. At the same time, honey decreases ghrelin, the “hunger hormone.”.14

2. Honey Boosts Gut Health

Honey helps boost gut health

As a prebiotic, honey nourishes the good bacteria in your gut.15 Probiotics, on the other hand, introduce new good bacteria. When combined, honey helps probiotics thrive.

3. Honey Lowers Diabetes Risk

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Honey keeps diabetes at bay. According to the International Journal of Biological Science, this superfood promotes liver uptake of glucose. It also secretes insulin, the hormone that helps cells take up glucose.16 Between these two benefits, glycemic control is in your hands.

4. Honey Reduces Inflammation

Honey reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a sticky situation, but honey can help. It’s been shown to reduce inflammatory markers even in chronic smokers.17 For even greater benefits, add anti-inflammatory black seeds.

5. Honey Heightens Immunity

Honey increases your immunity

Honey is another amazing immune booster. White blood cells, natural killer cells, and antibodies will increase with honey intake. Some kinds can even promote tumor necrosis factor, a protein that kills cancer cells.18

Safety Notes For Black Seeds And Honey

Black Seeds

Like all herbs, black seeds have the potential to interact with prescription drugs. The medicine might become stronger or weaker, or the bioavailability may change. In some cases, the interaction can be harmful.19 If you’re pregnant, don’t eat black seeds. A high intake can cause an abortion by inducing uterine contractions.20


Honey is at risk for contamination. Always purchase from a reputable source to avoid microbes, pesticides, and antibiotic residues. Never give raw honey to infants. This type of honey isn’t pasteurized, so there’s a greater risk of bacterial contamination. People who have a weakened immune system should also avoid raw honey.21

Use black seeds like a spice. Add it to salads, meat, or sauces! Meanwhile, honey will sweeten up yogurt, smoothies, and baked goods. To enjoy both, add black seeds and honey to tea, dressings, or marinades. You can even take a spoonful of black seeds and honey for good health.