Healing Blood Disorders Naturally – A Q&A With Carri Duncan

Healing Blood Disorders Naturally- QnA with Carri Duncan.
Healing Blood Disorders Naturally- QnA with Carri Duncan.

Carri Duncan is a Health Consultant based in Nashville who is driven by the desire to help educate others on how to heal and transform their bodies holistically. Having conquered polycythemia vera, a rare and chronic blood disease by changing her diet, she not only changed her blood but also, her life.

In her own words “I want to reach out to people who are facing a diagnosis like this and guide them into finding their own path with healing, tapping into the human body’s miraculous ability to heal. No matter what your health concerns are, your body is always trying to achieve balance for you, and there is a way to become healthier. Food, water and happiness are our solution, not pharmaceuticals.”

Carri is one of many CureJoy experts who follow the path that they believe in and promote. CureJoy is thankful to Carri to have opened up her experiences and wisdom on “Healing Blood Disorders” in this wonderful interview. Read on …

Q: What role do genetics and congenital disorders play in the development of blood disorders?

A:  I believe that our genes have made us who we are, but we have to consider what we’ve learned and become to be as adults. Eye, hair color, and blood type are passed down through our genes, but each person’s blood is a reflection of how well they are taking care of themselves. Blood is our life force, traveling throughout our body, and it is one of the easiest things we can heal when it is out of balance.


Congenital disorders are in some way passed down from mother to child. However, with polycythemia vera, we are not born with an overly active bone marrow, so something our body is overloaded with has created this chaotic shift with our blood production. It could be malnutrition, chronic dehydration, a virus, bacterial infection or candida, but all of these things can be healed! It just takes time.

Q: Are a specific age group, race or sex at higher risk of contracting fatal blood diseases?

A: Disease (dis~ease) can be present with anyone. When I was diagnosed with Polycythemia vera in my early 30’s, I was told that mostly older people were at risk for this chronic condition. I’m sure statistically doctor’s see a pattern, but from my experience, it did not apply. I like to approach illness with the acknowledgment that for now, our body is out of balance, but as we learn how to properly nourish ourselves with nutrient rich foods and take care of our emotional health, all “blood” diseases can be reversed.


Q: Is a blood disorder a fall-out of just physical imbalance or do emotional/ psychological factors play a more important role?

A: I strongly believe both. Our body needs water and real foods that promote health and vitality, and our brain needs happy and positive thoughts and loving relationships to be healthy. They work together to create our health. When our emotional life is undernourished, there is no amount of kale that will balance this. Finding ways to make our life truly fulfilled is a huge part of the work I help others with. The connection of healing both has to be addressed.

Q: What is the Holistic alternative to the “elimination and replacement” approach of modern medicine?

A: As an Holistic Health Consultant, I approach diet changes simply as additions to the foods we love. No one wants to eliminate things they like, but with new and healthier options of food choices that are just as delicious, you never have to feel like you’re losing anything. My program focuses on creating new habits with foods that will empower and strengthen your body and thinking.


Q: What natural systems (medicine and diet) can help people prevent, heal and completely cure fatal blood disorders?

A: My goal is to teach the importance of making our body more alkaline. Disease cannot exist when we shift from an acidic diet to one that is more alkaline. Each person has their own unique program because what works for well for one, doesn’t work in the same way for another.

Q: What are the mental roadblocks in people adopting a naturalistic/holistic approach to healing blood disorders?

A: For me, it was going against conventional medicine and trying something my hematologist said would not work. When I was told that my only resolve was to take a daily chemotherapy pill for the rest of my life, I immediately knew this was not the path I wanted to take. While I would never encourage abandoning a doctor’s advice, changing my diet felt right and resonated with me.


I also learned and researched as much as I could beforehand. In doing so, I found 2 other women who had healed their own blood diseases through diet, and deep down, it made a lot of sense. When we change our diet and crowd out all of the foods overburdening our systems, we not only change our blood but also our brain, allowing everything about our life and health to change!