Reverse Prediabetes With These 7 Foods

So you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes. Don’t panic just yet! Catching prediabetes before it develops into type 2 diabetes is a game changer. This is the time to make certain lifestyle changes. By altering your diet, you can reverse prediabetes and stop diabetes on its way. Here are 7 foods (that don’t raise your blood sugar) you should include in your diet.

1. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish won't raise blood sugar levels.


Fatty fish like tuna and salmon are lean sources of protein that won’t raise blood glucose. They’re also very filling and will keep you from overeating. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fatty fish will also lower your risk of heart disease, a condition that commonly accompanies diabetes.1 2

2. Garlic

Garlic reduces insulin resistance


A 2013 study found that garlic’s sulphur compounds can minimize insulin resistance, thus reducing your risk of diabetes. Because of this hypoglycemic effect, it’s a must for an anti-diabetic diet.3 Luckily, several delicious recipes call for garlic. Use it to flavor salmon for a healthy, prediabetes-friendly meal.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV reduces glucose level in the blood.


To lower the glucose level in the blood, take apple cider vinegar (ACV) before your meals. One tablespoon in a glass of water will do the trick. According to a 2004 study, this lowers blood glucose after eating.4 Can’t stand the taste of ACV? Make a nutritious salad dressing. Combine ¼ cup ACV, 1/3 cup olive oil, and 2 teaspoons each of Dijon mustard and local honey. Add spices and stir.

4. Whole Fruits

Whole foods prevents blood sugar spikes


Fruits are always a good idea. They’re packed with fiber, a nutrient that increases satiety and controls blood sugar spikes. Even better, fruits are low in calories and high in flavor. The same can’t be said of fruit juices, however. These drinks are often sweetened with added sugar and can actually increase diabetes risk.5

5. Leafy Vegetables

The magnesium in green vegetables is shown to reduce the risk of diabetes.


All vegetables will help, but leafy greens are a top choice. Their rich level of magnesium has been shown to prevent type 2 diabetes in women.6 Think kale, Swiss chard, and spinach.

6. Avocados

Avocados control blood glucose level


Need a reason to eat more guacamole? Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and vitamins. These nutrients work together to control blood glucose. An avocado also has a glycemic index and load of zero, making it a smart choice for prediabetics.7

7. Whole Grains

Whole grains reduce fasting insulin levels.


Whole grains are fibrous in nature. And fiber does wonders for blood glucose. A 2002 study showed that whole grains are 10% more effective in lowering fasting insulin (high level of fasting insulin is an indication of diabetes) than refined white grains.8 Also, whole grains keep you satiated and reduce your risk of eating more than your body requires. To reap the benefits, ditch white pasta, bread, and rice. Eat quinoa, brown rice, and oats instead.

Diet is just one part of stopping prediabetes from getting worse. Reversal also depends on exercise and weight loss, so get moving! Losing just 5–7 percent of your body weight will lower blood sugar, making a remarkable difference.9 After all, excess weight is the reason why 90% of type 2 diabetics develop the disease.10  Between physical activity and healthy eating, you can kick prediabetes to the curb.