Unplug To Reconnect With Your Life

I do not know about you, but I am seeing a lot more commercials about all of the new gadgets in the market like smart watches, fitness trackers, mobile printers and even HD video glasses!

It seems our tight relationship with technology is not something that is changing any time soon. As we enter another year in this age of modern conveniences, I wonder, is there a tool you can not live without?


I have to admit that I love Skype. It allows me to create such a closer bond with people during Progressive Mental Alignment sessions. I can connect with them from all over the world right from the comfort and privacy of home. That is part of what makes technological advancement so amazing; the ability to see the world from wherever we are, to access information the second we have a question and the ability to immediately share a special moment with our loved ones in one instant.

The internet has expanded education outside of the classroom and re-defined what a traditional business looks like. The world is literally at our fingertips, but what happens when the ‘world’ on the screen keeps us from the world right in front of us?


Are You Driven Or Distracted?

The side effects of mobile technology have become increasingly clear in the last decade. Just 25 years ago, if someone was not home or they were having dinner, most of them simply were not available.

Today, the immediacy of the internet and mobile phones makes us accessible at any time of the day, creating a sense of ‘urgency’ that forces the feeling of having to respond, look, or call right now! Are you familiar with this type of experience?


I have friends who confess that they check work email first thing in the morning or they keep their phones in hand ‘just in case’ a message comes in. How about people that take more pictures of an event than actually experiencing the event? I witnessed that very thing this weekend!

I visited Disney World this past weekend (if you want to let your inner child roam free, this is the place to do it! At least, that is what I did!). During a show, I started seeing one cell phone after another popping up – then the tablets went up! All of these devices were in the air, the entire show, as people took pictures and videos.


They were not experiencing the show, but they were also blocking the view of the people behind them.

How Technology Transforms Reality

This is not just about ‘device etiquette’. It is about something much more important. It is about the quality of your experiences and its impact on your overall life.


The truth is, looking at the event through a camera screen is a totally different experience than actually allowing your senses to fully absorb and archive the moment with the people around you – a truly connective experience!

Unfortunately, too many people struggle with connecting in this way, with others and with themselves, and for these people, technology becomes a tool that facilities greater division (I could tell you exactly why this happens, but that would be a whole different conversation!).


These types of occurrences are not uncommon and no one can deny that it has changed the landscape of human relationships.

Time To Make Connections ‘Human’ Again!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and witnessed a whole group of people on their phones around the table? Or (even scarier!) watched someone looking down at their phone while driving?


These are the bad habits that can distract us from the present moment and impact our focus, productivity, and connections with loved ones.

But, despite these commonly reported side effects, we cannot seem to let go of our devices. But why?

Many people say they need their phones by them at all times in case of an emergency, are waiting on a response from someone or fear they might miss the opportunity to take a picture of a special moment. Others say they simply enjoy the games, videos and apps that offer entertainment wherever they are.

These are common beliefs that apparently motivate their behavior and while it may feel totally legit to them, it is not what really drives them to their phones. In fact, the real source of this technological impulse is within all of us.

Why You Must Unplug To Reconnect?

If you can relate to any of these scenarios above then perhaps you are up to finding out more. If so, why not try something different this weekend?

Pick out just one day to commit to steering clear of all social media.

What is your immediate feeling, at just the thought of that notion? If it is a not-so-good feeling, then what are some of the initial reasons that first pop up in your head against this no-social media commitment?

This is a small exercise that offers a peek at just how attached you are to your phone! But, it is also a great opportunity to feel what really drives your behavior.

The Real Reward Of Reconnection

The truth is the impulse to check your phone despite what may be happening around you, is rooted in the SAME source behind many other emotional and physical challenges in your life.

So when you understand the real reason behind your phone habits you instantly connect the dots with other challenges, creating a ripple effect that improves many other aspects of your life instantly. The best part is that it is a change you will feel forever!

This is what makes Progressive Mental Alignment truly amazing. It literally flips the switch on behaviors that keeps us from performing, feeling and living better while allowing you to truly enjoy the benefits of all the great things life has to offer — like technology!

When you release the ‘need’ to look at your phone you will truly use it to enhance your everyday experiences instead of being distracted from them. You only have to experience it once, to feel the amazing impact on your life and the ones you love!

It is a change that will totally transform the relationships you have in all areas of your life. So this year, resolve to push past the comfort zones that keep you from living the life you have always dreamed of!