Jacob Korthuis

Jacob Korthuis is a lifelong explorer of human behavior. As a Dutch researcher and Holistic Health specialist, he became committed to understanding the true drivers of human behavior and health, answering questions like what controls consciousness? Emotion? Physiology? And why does our own brain make our body sick? His answers birthed the Unified Brain Model; a blueprint of the language rules of the subconscious brain which revealed the existence of bad clusters; wrongly processed sensory data directly linked to illness. And the PMA technique; a self-help and coaching method which uses the language rules of the subconscious to targer the root source of behavioral, emotional and physical challenges. Today, Jacob is CEO of the PMA Insitute and international speaker and trainer.

Unplug To Reconnect With Your Life

Be it while walking down a street or at a family dinner, we prioritize connecting with the rest of the world over spending quality time with the person sitting right next to us. Make your phone inaccessible for a day to realize what you are missing and to enhance your life experiences. Spend more time socializing in person rather than overusing technology. Enjoy being present in the current moment.

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