The Difference Between Fear And Intuition

We all make choices every day. Whether it’s what shoes to wear, what to get for lunch or what date to say “yes” to, subconsciously or consciously, we’re always moving through life because of “this way” or “that way.”

Choices are based on two things: moving us toward something or moving us away from something. This is true even in the smallest of decisions.


You may choose to wear your 4-inch patent leather heels but instead you go for the suede ankle boots because you’re going out on a date and want to feel sexier, moving you toward feeling more confident with a potential second date. You may choose a drink over a glass of water because you want to escape the stresses from the terrible day at work, moving yourself away from facing your reality and overcoming the issues. You may continuously choose the couch and take-out instead of an after-work sweat session or a healthy home-cooked meal because deep down inside you don’t feel you deserve to have the body you desire, moving you away from feeling happier and healthier and keeping you in the “safe zone” of what you know.

I used to be very indecisive myself. In fact, I would get incredible anxiety at times over having to choose one path or the other. I always second guessed my choices, always hesitated a million times over and always looked back wondering, “did I make the right decision?”. Or I didn’t do anything at all and stayed in the same place for fear of what I did not know.


Sounds similar?

Intuition vs fear:

Lately, you’ve probably heard me talk a lot about intuition, that gut feeling, the voice whispering in your ear. The guidance that we’re not taught to trust, but in fact is the one voice we should trust. And then you’ve heard me talking about fear, that other voice whispering in your ear. The one we trust all too often, because we hear it more. So with all this conversation going on, how do we know if what we’re hearing is intuition or fear? Well, as I mentioned earlier, in every choice we make is either on bringing us toward something or away from something.Moving forward or stuck stagnant is fighting the flow of life. Intuition is that voice, that internal force that always has our best interest at heart. Intuition is what wants to guide you toward your desires, even if it means going through challenges to get there, because it knows that’s in your highest good.


Not everything we want is always what we need to get to where we want to go.

Intuition wants you to step into your true potential, own your story, be the creator of it, own who you truly are, so you can live the life of unlimited happiness, love and fulfillment that you were meant to live. Intuition guides you forward because the universe and everything around you is constantly moving forward and it wants you to come along for the ride because that’s what will bring you closer to everything you want. That’s why I’m such a fan of using methods such as meditation with my clients, this allows them to connect to their intuition. Fear, on the other hand is the voice that makes you doubt yourself, that makes you doubt your intuition. It’s the voice of the Ego.


The Ego is not evil. It’s simply trying to protect you from failure, because it thinks failure is wrong. It’s trying to protect you from uncertainty, because it thinks uncertainty is too unpredictable and scary. Therefore, fear will hold you back. Fear will cause you to stand still, backtrack even, not take that risk, because you may not like the outcome.

But in that way, fear is keeping you from moving along with the energetic flow of life trying to move you forward. And so you find yourself stuck in the same place over and over again, moving farther away from what you desire. Playing it safe may seem like the smartest choice, but in doing so, you’re resisting the very leaps that will get you to where you want to go. Here’s the thing, there is nothing to fear in uncertainty. Much of our challenges come from how we think about our situations. So instead of fearing it consider uncertainty, the gift of limitless possibility. Venturing into the unknown is where your desires can become a reality.


Ways to Tell Between Fear and Intuition:

1. Ask the question

When it comes to any decision you’re having trouble with, the “should I or shouldn’t I,” “can I or can’t I” comes into play, ask yourself which choice is leading you forward and which will be keeping you in the same place or leading you backward? Remember, the goal is to keep moving with the flow of life, even if there are ups and downs. The opportunities won’t come by playing it safe all the time.

2. Take action

Action is one of the most powerful weapons against fear. Since fear keeps us stagnant and farther away from our true desires, the best thing to do is just take action. Yes, that action could potentially lead to a less than desired result. However, by not letting fear stop you, you’ve already weakened its power, still moved closer to your goals and most likely learned a very valuable lesson (or two) that will give you more confidence and knowledge about how to better achieve your goals.


Use this method with something as small as “should I or shouldn’t I work out?” or “will this get me the clients I desire or won’t it?” First ask yourself which option will be moving you toward something and then, take action. The more you take action without allowing that nervous dialogue to go on too long in your head, the more you’ll begin to actually see the rewards of your efforts.

3. Trust the intuition

As you begin taking more action and accomplishing things you didn’t think possible, that voice of fear will get quieter and quieter. The less you trust fear, the more you will naturally begin trusting your intuition, which always wants to lead you to your desires. And the beautiful thing is that you will begin to use it in all areas of your life: health, career, family, relationships, etc.


Life will feel so much more effortless, positive choices will be easier to make and you won’t be so worried about making the wrong choice.Your confidence levels will skyrocket, what you believe you can achieve will have lesser limitations and your experience in this world will dramatically change.


And here’s an extra tip about “wrong’ choices. They are never wrong. As I mentioned, in every challenge, there is an opportunity. Instead of wasting your energy and time focusing on everything that went wrong and what you should have done in the past, focus on what it taught you and what you now know you can do in the future.

Appreciate the challenges, don’t regret them. Be grateful for the missteps, because they still moved you forward. The only difference between successful people and those that aren’t, are those that let fear stop them and those that feel the fear but keep moving through them. But you need to be brave before you can fight fear.

And the only way to grow that courage is to trust that you have it within you, so use it and go onward!