Sharon Pope

Sharon is a certified Master Life Coach and a Six-Time #1 international best-selling author of the Soulful Truth Telling series, specializing in love and relationships. She helps women get the clarity they need and heal from their most painful intimate relationships so they can create the kind of love they desire and deserve. She has the tools to bring her clients through confusion and heartbreak, but also begin to feel hopeful again about creating the kind of deep, soulful, lasting love they desire and deserve. But just as important, she knows what her clients are feeling because she’s experienced all of this in her own life as well. Sharon is the author of seven books and has been published more than 15 times in various online resources. She lives in downtown Columbus, Ohio with the love of her life: her husband, Derrick.

5 Steps To Not Repeat Your Relationship Mistakes

A failed or unsuccessful relationship teaches you how to tackle impendent relationships. Since you have control over your choices and actions, take the responsibility of your experience. Then, have the will to change what you've done in the past. Accept the people the way they are, instead of wondering how they should be or could be! Spend some time with yourself and know what you want from a relationship/how you want to feel. Honor your needs and communicate them to others to set your expectations right.

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