7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

History claims, that in ancient days, Dead Sea mud was used by pharaohs and queens like Cleopatra to get beautiful, healthy skin. They would soak themselves in the waters of the Dead Sea to cure their ailments and to restore their good health. Today, thousands of years later, this ritual is as popular as ever, with tourists either flooding the Dead Sea or buying its mud in jars to receive its restorative benefits.

The Dead Sea is really a lake that is situated between the West Bank, Israel, and Jordan. The black mud harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea is, in fact, alluvial silt that is washed down from the mountains surrounding the lake and gets deposited on the shores of this inland salt sea. Layers and layers of fine silt deposits have matured over tens and thousands of years to form what we call today, the rich Dead Sea mud. Within this mud, scientists have discovered high concentrations of essential minerals like magnesium, bromides, sodium, and phosphates, thus declaring the Dead Sea mud as a natural raw material that

can be used by the body as a source of essential minerals for all its basic needs.

7 Proven Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Masks

The following is a list of the many healing and beauty benefits of Dead Sea mud, which is versatile enough to be used as a face, body, or even a hair mask.

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1. Detoxifies The Skin

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

The Dead Sea mud mask is best known for performing the basic function of detoxifying the skin. The ingredients used in this mud mask are known for their properties in exfoliating and removing toxins from the skin. This detox plan is beneficial for all skin types, including oily or acne-prone skin.

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2. Increases Circulation

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

People who use Dead Sea mud masks seldom report skin reddening after the facial.

This is because Dead Sea mud is known to increase blood circulation in the body. Its ingredients stimulate blood flow in the body, bringing important nutrients to your skin while harmful toxins are carried away. This is vital for the normal and healthy functioning of your body cells.

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3. Treats Skin Conditions

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

The high magnesium content in Dead Sea mud aids cell metabolism and helps in maturation and differentiation of keratinocytes. Hence it is very useful in treating psoriatic patients who suffer from low magnesium levels. Potassium, a natural moisturizer acts as an astringent and antibacterial agent, while bromine is well known for its soothing and relaxing actions is a perfect natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent. This makes Dead Sea mud a very potent treatment for various inflammatory and dry skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, acne, eczema, and vitiligo. It can also reduce acne marks and blemishes.1 2

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4. Improves The Skin

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

Dead Sea mud contains active ingredients such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron that are known for their ability to soften and moisturize your skin. Dead Sea mud masks, therefore, work wonders in improving the condition of your skin.3

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5. Reduces Cellulite And Stretchmarks

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks


Sudden gain or loss in weight leaves behind annoying stretchmarks around the waist, thighs, arms, and knees. Similarly, when fat locks itself under your skin, it forms a cottage-cheese-like appearance called cellulite. The high levels of assorted minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, housed in Dead Sea mud, stimulate blood circulation and purge harmful toxins out through skin pores. This helps flatten out those unsightly cottage-cheese-like bumps that are caused by cellulite and reduces the appearance of stretchmarks.

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6. Relieves Arthritic Pains

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

Research claims that patients treated with mud compresses taken from the mineral-rich Dead Sea reported less knee pain from osteoarthritis. The high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea mud help relieve knee aches and pains by stimulating the circulatory system and relaxing the nerves and muscles, thus also playing a major role in promoting good health.4

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7. Prevents Hair Loss And Scalp Infections

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

Heredity, stress, and scalp infections can cause an alarmingly high amount of hair loss. When blood vessels in the hair follicle shrink, food, and oxygen supply to your hair is cut off, preventing hair protein that is essential for hair growth from forming. This results in stunted hair growth, and the hair falls out prematurely. Applying Dead Sea mud mask to your scalp revives circulation from within, cleanses the hair and scalp while helping to remove dandruff. This leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy.

Directions For Using Dead Sea Mud Face/ Body Mask

  • When you first open your jar of dead sea mud, you may find the salty seawater separated from the mud and floating at the top, especially if the jar has been sitting for a while.
    You will have to stir it back to its original mud-base consistency.
  • Wash and cleanse your face as usual. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Apply a thin layer and massage it into your skin gently using upward strokes, never downward.
  • Be gentle around the eye area. Be careful not to get the mud in your eyes.
  • Leave the mud on your skin for 7-12 minutes, allowing it to slightly dry. If the mud begins to crack and itch- it’s a sign that you have left it on for too long.
  • Use a wet, lukewarm or cool, soft washcloth and leave it on your face for a few seconds to soften and loosen up the mask from your skin. Then rinse the remaining mud off gently with lukewarm water. Do not scrub as you remove your mask.
  • If you’ve applied it as a body mask, simply hop into a warm shower to rinse off the mask.
  • Pat your skin dry gently.

Directions For Using Dead Sea Mud Hair Masks

  • Gently massage the mud onto your scalp, and then start applying through your hair strands. You may use a wide-toothed comb
    for the application.
  • Allow mask to set for up to 20 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly

How Often Should You Apply A Dead Sea Mud Mask?

The incredibly high mineral and salt content of the Dead Sea mud may affect individuals in different ways,  as it largely dependant on their skin type and sensitivities. We suggest you limit yourself to one application per week if you have rather dry or sensitive skin. Normal to oily skin types can go ahead and apply this mask twice a week if desired.