Kim Ward and Hilary Stokes

Hilary Stokes, PhD and Kim Ward, PhD have been a team for two decades specializing in holistic psychology. Upon realizing their shared vision to inspire people to achieve holistic health and happiness, they formed a lasting partnership. They have PhD’s in Transpersonal Psychology, the study of humanity’s highest potential and over 20 certifications in holistic modalities including biofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming, Tibetan Buddhism, hypnosis, energy psychology and eye movement desensitization reprocessing. They founded Authenticity Associates where they coach, counsel, blog and speak on the dynamic relationship of mind, body and spirit. They are the authors of the bestselling book Manifesting Mindset: The 6 Step Formula for Attracting your Goals and Dreams.

Apply These 3 Mind-Hacks To Retrain Your Self-Talk

You cannot deny that you are your own best friend. Or are you? Since your existence, your experiences have been shaping how you assess situations. Your subconscious voice isn't always right and it's crucial to retune it. Base your self-perceptions on the present, not the past - dig out positives. Love yourself. Comparisons need to stop. Figure yourself out and your longings.

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