Donna Parker

Hi! I'm Donna Parker, a classical five element acupuncturist in San Francisco since 2003. I love to eat well. I know first hand that you can enjoy every bite that passes your lips and lose weight. No one, including me, likes having a muffin top peeking out of their yoga pants! Your longevity and health depend on the right combination of nutrition, supplementation and exercise. My years of research and study in the fields of integrative nutrition and Chinese medicine enable me to help you create healthier lifelong habits.

5 Tips To Avoid Stress Induced Weight Gain

Stress can be a major cause of weight gain. Following these five tips will help fight stress induced weight gain. 1. Control snacking, eat only when hungry, say goodbye to unwanted calories. 2. Deep breath when stressed and reduce overall stress levels. 3. Limit alcohol, it spikes you blood glucose like nothing else. 4. Eat timely, balanced meals. Eat early and avoid late night meals. 5. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can increase weight overnight. Follow these simple tips and feel the difference.

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