Devin Burke

Devin Burke is the author of “Healthy Eating in the 21st Century,” a speaker, and high-performance health coach. He was recently honored as one of the “Top 25 Health Coaches” in America. He has studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts, including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Josh Axe, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer by the ACSM, he specializes in holistic nutrition, health coaching, positive psychology, exercise science, preventive health, and lifestyle coaching. Devin is on a mission to inspire 1,000,000 people to experience how good their bodies and minds are designed to feel.

4 Health Tips To Stay Slim During Holidays

Steer clear of fat and sugar-laden comfort foods and make smart food choices by keeping healthy+nutritious options within easy reach. If you are dining out, stick to low-carb menu picks (lean proteins+meats) and keep your portions in check by filling up majority of your plate with veggies. Try choosing low-calorie alcoholic beverages (tequila, vodka) and limit it to 1-2 drinks.

5 Things You Might Be Addicted To, But Do Not Know It

Are all addictions bad? The term addiction is usually used when someone is addicted to a harmful substance but an addiction can either be...

3 Biggest Diet Mistakes That Sabotage Fat Loss

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight despite being on a strict diet, you know you’re doing something wrong. Or it could be a string of wrong decisions. It’s easy to think that skipping meals in our fast-paced lives might help to lose weight. Here are the reasons why the scale isn’t budging.

3 Most Overlooked Natural Weight Loss Strategies

Before signing up for an expensive weight loss program, take time to check what weight loss strategies you might have overlooked. Sometimes the smallest things could become obstacles. You can be eating well, and you can be doing all the right exercises. But if you are overlooking basic things, the scale isn’t going to budge.

How To Get Unstuck In Life!

Can't get past that stuck place in your life? Here is what to do to work through your fears and negative cycle of thoughts and change your life for better!

Top 10 Healthy Nuts And Seeds You Should Eat

Snacking on a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil, and macadamia nuts) and seeds (chia, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds) daily may well be the perfect addition to one's diet for staving off diseases. These tiny packages are loaded with energy and nutrition; help suppress the appetite, beat flab and also keeps your heart healthy!

What Are You Like When You Are “Hangry”?

Can what you eat affect your mood? Learn more about the undeniable relationship between the food you eat and your mental and emotional health.

11 Foods That Do Wonders For Your Brain

Walnuts, wild salmon, avocados, Chia seeds, beets, wild blueberries, Lion’s Mane mushroom, flax seeds, egg yolks, rosemary and dark chocolate are brain-boosting foods containing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals. Consumption of these foods improve cognitive abilities, memory power and reduce the risk of acquiring brain disorders.

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